"Some of the tangible benefits you get from the Chamber are a network of peer executives that lead to powerful connections, and you get visibility and an opportunity to contribute to the engine that drives the thriving business economy here in Nashville."
MaryAnne Howland - IBIS Communications

BusinessConnect Online RFP Tool

Delivering more opportunities for our members to drive new business and sales is the purpose of the new BusinessConnect Online RFP tool.

Anyone in the community will be able to post requests for products and/or services they wish to purchase. Chamber staff will match requests with our members as opportunities to follow up and procure new business. You do not need to do anything in order to receive these requests, other than be a member in good standing and be in the requested industry.

Ready to submit your RFP? Access our online RFP tool, and get started today.
Chamber members, view open RFPs.

Example RFPs:

  • "I am hosting a reception at my office in January for 100 people and need a caterer. Please contact me via e-mail with pricing and menu options. Thanks so much."
  • "I am looking to install granite counters in my home. Please contact me only if you are able to install within the next four weeks."
  • "I need advice on marketing/public relations strategies for my company. Please contact me if you are willing to have a quick phone chat to explore opportunities."