"It's very easy to become engaged in Nashville. Nashville is an open community, and anyone can participate. They just have to volunteer."
Lewis Lavine, President - Center for Nonprofit Management

Sponsorship, Advertising and Promotion

Add the Chamber to your sponsorship and advertising plans to increase regional visibility and target business influencers.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Your support of Chamber programs and events will ensure that your company is recognized as an active participant in the Chamber's mission of facilitating community leadership to create economic prosperity. From leadership to public policy, and from networking to business training, we have a perfect fit for your organization's goals and objectives.
  • Sponsorship allows you to create a point of difference between you and your competition. You will make connections with your target market(s), meet your objectives cost-effectively, and position your brand.
  • Sponsorship can provide more relevance and excitement around things on which you are already spending money, such as advertising, promotions, e-commerce, loyalty marketing and employee programs. The net effect is a dynamic sponsorship which supports your overall marketing program.

Packages can be customized to fit your budget and marketing goals. Please contact Stephanie Coleman at 615-743-3067 to find the right fit for you.

Advertising Opportunities

Build your reputation by associating your brand with the Nashville Area Chamber brand. Research conducted by The Schapiro Group in 2012 reveals that when you associate your brand with the Chamber, your business has a:
  • 73% increase in awareness
  • 68% increase in reputation
  • 49% increase in favorability
Advertising opportunities include:
  • Monday Morning Report e-newsletter
  • Nashville Economic Profile magazine
  • Nashvillechamber.com website and mobile app
Please contact Lindsay Chambers at 615-743-3065 for more information.

Promotional Opportunities

Create a greater return on your investment by using our many promotional tactics, including:
  • Online Business Directory, with more than 18,000 annual visits
  • Ribbon-cutting events, supported by our New Member Advisory Group
  • BusinessConnect, offering online coupons and online RFP portal
  • Online Speakers Bureau (Market Mover investment level and above)
  • Business Matchmaking, a cloud-based software that helps pair qualified, growing companies with ready-to-purchase buyers; a partnership with Sagents
  • Community calendar postings (Market Mover investment level and above)
Need more information? Contact Olivia Leow at 615-743-3053.

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