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Vote – It’s Our Business

by Debby Dale Mason | Jun 01, 2011
On August 4, Davidson County voters will go to the polls to elect a mayor, vice mayor, five councilmembers-at-large, and 35 district councilmembers. These leaders determine the government and community environments in which businesses operate and invest, workers live and prosper and visitors vacation. The Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce applauds all those who choose public service and appreciates their decision to run for community office.

With our purpose of facilitating community leadership to create economic prosperity, we create educational opportunities for leaders so they can make more informed decisions about issues that affect them. The “Vote – It’s Our Business” page of the Chamber’s website provides information on all the candidates running for the Davidson County offices listed above, information about voting and the election timeline, and the Chamber’s local legislative agenda. (For more about the Chamber’s role in the election process, see my previous blog).

Voting is a privilege, and the Chamber encourages all voters to understand the issues that are at stake and the candidates who represent individuals and businesses. We appreciate opportunities to have meaningful dialogue with elected officials who understand the contribution businesses make to the economy and the creation of jobs. We all are committed to a more prosperous county that allows people and businesses to reach their economic potential - resulting in a city that can provide needed services and programs for its citizens.

Visit “Vote – It’s Our Business” to access a one-stop educational resource for election and candidate information – it makes it even easier to participate in the August 2011 election by learning about the issues and the candidates who ask for your vote.
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