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  • For Cities Getting Richer the Fastest, Look to the South

    by Lindsay Chambers | Sep 16, 2016
    The Census Bureau released the results of the 2015 American Community Survey, which allows comparison of incomes city by city. Among America’s 50 biggest metropolitan areas, the biggest household income gains were in Nashville.

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  • Nashville's creative economy is booming, but new report wants to stoke the flames

    by Eleanor Kennedy | Feb 24, 2016

    You've probably heard by now: Nashville is a hot spot for creatives. In fact, according to a new study from the Metropolitan Nashville Arts Commission, it's an even hotter spot than the other "it" city, Austin.

    Nashville ranks above Austin in the creative vitality index, a system developed by the Western States Arts Foundation in which Nashville scores 2.15 and Austin 1.23. Music City comes in fourth overall, one of ...

  • 10 cities that are secretly great for tech grads

    by Lindsay Chambers | Jan 27, 2016
    Nashville is listed fifth on a new ranking of the best cities for recent tech grads to find a job after graduating. The ranking, compiled by business research company DataFox, was based on mentorship and networking opportunities, affordability and growth potential.

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  • 16 Top Destinations for 2016

    by Lindsay Chambers | Jan 25, 2016
    Nashville joins national and international hotspots such as Rome, Bermuda and Thailand as one of 16 destinations in the 2016 edition of the Forbes Travel Guide

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  • Destination of the Year

    by Lindsay Chambers | Dec 30, 2015
    Nashville was crowned "Destination of the Year" in Travel + Leisure magazine's annual Readers' Choice poll. Receiving nearly 15.8 percent of the votes -- nearly twice as many as second-place destination, Charleston -- Music City topped the list of international and domestic locations.

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National News

  • 2016 Top States for Doing Business

    by Lindsay Chambers | Sep 21, 2016
    Tennessee is fourth overall and in the top 10 of every category in Area Development magazine's "Top States for Doing Business." To determine 2016's ranking, the magazine surveyed site selection consultants and asked them to name their top state picks in each of 10 categories that impact location and facility decisions. They shared their top picks in each category, and the magazine weighted those scores to come up with rankings ...
  • Best Places for Law School Graduates

    by Lindsay Chambers | Sep 14, 2016
    Nashville ranks No. 8 nationally among places where law school graduates have the best chances of finding a good job after completing school. To determine the ranking, personal finance website analyzed more than 900 cities on the following criteria:
    • Average lawyer salary
    • Job availability and competition
    • Housing prices
    • Area amenities
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  • The Best Cities for Jobs This Fall

    by Lindsay Chambers | Sep 14, 2016

    Nashville is in fifth place on a new list of the best cities for jobs this fall. To determine the ranking, ManpowerGroup conducted more than 11,000 interviews with U.S. employers as a measurement of employment outlook for the fourth quarter of 2016.

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  • Best Cities for Freelancers

    by Lindsay Chambers | Sep 07, 2016
    Financial awareness website analyzed the most recent U.S. Census Bureau figures and other data for the 50 most populous U.S. places and identified the cities that are the best for freelancers. The 10 top places were determined by examining factors including income, living expenses, health insurance and cell phone coverage. Nashville ranks second.

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  • 2016’s Best Real-Estate Markets

    by Lindsay Chambers | Aug 31, 2016
    Analysts from personal finance website WalletHub compared 300 U.S. cities across 16 key metrics to help prospective home buyers find the most attractive real-estate markets. Nashville ranked third among large U.S. cities, and 14th overall.

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