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  • Google Fiber passes first step at Metro Council

    by Eric Snyder | Apr 16, 2014

    Metro Council on Tuesday passed its first vote on bringing Google Fiber to Nashville.

    NewsChannel 5 reports that the council voted to allow Google to build "network huts" on Metro property, which would allow Google to build a high-speed fiber-optic network in Nashville. Google would pay the city an annual fee based on the square footage of each hut.

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  • Google Fiber starts to examine Nashville's utility poles

    by Bobby Allyn | Apr 14, 2014

    Nashville officials have just two weeks to show Google that the city is ready for its high-speed internet service. Nashville is one of nine metro areas competing for Google Fiber, said to be 100 times faster than convention broadband. Questions over utility poles might be a deciding factor.

    Google gave Nashville until May 1 to meet a set of demands.  One of the things the city has to show is ...

  • Could delay of Common Core test be a year?

    by Associated Press | Apr 13, 2014

    State lawmakers are considering compromise legislation that would delay the testing component for Tennessee’s Common Core education standards for one year.

    Last month, a broad coalition of Republican and Democratic House members passed a bill seeking to delay further implementation of the new standards for two years. It also seeks to delay the testing component for the standards for the same amount of time.

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  • Country Music Hall of Fame experiences boom time

    by Dave Paulson | Apr 11, 2014

    There was a lot of talk in town when the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum moved from its longtime home on Music Row to downtown Nashville in 2001. And as museum director Kyle Young remembers, not all of that talk was good.

    "People (said), 'Well, that's pretty brazen'," he recalls. "'Who are they, and what are they doing?'"

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  • Nashville's Elliston 23 to be sold for record price

    by Communications Intern | Apr 11, 2014

    A Dayton, Ohio-based real estate investment firm is set to to pay a record price for an individual apartment community in Nashville.

    The Connor Group has a contract to purchase Elliston 23, the mixed-used, mid-rise building in Midtown with 331 apartment units and 15,000 square feet of fully leased retail space.

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National News

  • America's New Brainpower Cities

    by Joel Kotkin | Apr 07, 2014
    To determine where college graduates are settling, demographer Wendell Cox analyzed the metro areas that gained college graduates most rapidly between 2007 and 2012 in the 51 metropolitan statistical areas with populations of more than 1 million. Nashville ranked fourth.

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  • Young, Rich and Ruling Radio, Country Walks a Broader Line

    by Ben Sisario | Apr 06, 2014

    On the radio, it has displaced Top 40 as America’s most popular musical format.

    Its biggest star is Taylor Swift, a 24-year-old phenomenon who last year earned more from music than any other singer — nearly $40 million, according to Billboard magazine. And in June, Rolling Stone, the rock ’n’ roll bible, will introduce a website devoted to the genre.

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  • Most Cost-Attractive Midsized Cities for Business

    by Lindsay Chambers | Apr 02, 2014
    Nashville's low costs for industrial and office leasing, and cost advantages in transportation and salaries, contribute to the city's ranking as one of the most cost-attractive U.S. cities with populations between 1 million and 2 million, according to a study by KPMG LLP.

    KPMG’s 2012 Competitive Alternatives study measured 26 significant cost components in each market, including labor, taxes, real estate and utilities, as they apply to 19 industries over ...
  • Nashville's Newest Boutique Hotel

    by Jessica Mischner | Mar 17, 2014
    If you haven’t paid a visit to Nashville’s exploding Gulch neighborhood, the newly minted 404 Hotel and Kitchen, which began taking overnight reservations on Friday, just might be the excuse you've been waiting for.

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  • America's Top Apartment Boomtowns

    by Lindsay Chambers | Mar 10, 2014
    Nashville was ranked fifth on's list of the top 15 apartment boomtowns in the U.S. To determine the ranking, researchers examined cost of living as well as indicators of apartment availability, economic growth and population growth for the 100 most populated metro areas in the U.S.

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