Work in Nashville

The Nashville area's economy is among the most diverse of that in any U.S. region. As a result, Nashville continues to attract the highest-quality workers in all business sectors. Nashville supports many innovative and aggressive local programs to recruit workers to the region.

WorkIT Nashville is a multi-faceted campaign launched in February 2013 to recruit technology workers to the Nashville region. The website includes detailed information about the technology community in the Nashville region.

Nashville ranks fifth on Forbes' list of cities with strong business climates, low costs of doing business and educated workforces. Learn more here, or view our complete list of Nashville rankings.

Of course, many of Nashville's most valuable workers come from the area's own vast educational system, with its 18 accredited four-year and postgraduate institutions. In the Nashville MSA, 44.9 percent of adults at least 25 years old have one or more years of college education, and more than 45,000 people have graduate or professional degrees.

A free, interactive CD-ROM is also available to showcase why the Nashville region is a great place to "Work Hard, Play Hard, Live Well and Grow Well." Send an e-mail with your name and address to and we will mail your free copy today!

Chamber-led workforce initiatives include programming targeted to young professionals, support of public education and higher education, the InternNashville program, partnerships to support HR professionals, and worker attraction and retention.

Jobs in the Nashville Area

Find listings and information about jobs in the Nashville area, including openings at the Nashville Chamber. We also have information on various employment resources to help in your search.

Internships in the Nashville Area

Learn more about the do's and don'ts of internships for students, employers and educational institutions. We also maintain a listing of open internships at the Nashville Chamber and provide answers to your frequently asked questions