Intern Nashville Employer Resource Guide

intern_guideWe have created a guide specifically to help companies create and enhance their internship program.

This comprehensive written guide will aid in developing a new or improving an existing intern program of any size.

This resource also includes samples to use in your own company, such as internship descriptions, surveys, intern handbooks and more.

Who can benefit from this resource?
Large employers -- Already have an internship program? You can always improve it!
You will find metrics and information on improving your current program to get the results you want!

Small employers -- Only need one or two interns? No problem!
This will walk you through an easy, step-by-step process of creating a job description and bringing your intern on board.

Colleges and universities -- What happens when an employer wants an intern during the last month of the semester?
You can also use portions from it to send to employers as examples, or recommend the resource as a whole to a company that could benefit from using it.

Click here to download the InternNashville Employer Resource Guide. For more information, contact Valerie Johnston, Chamber information specialist, at 615-743-3000.