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Nashville's Livability is an Economic Development Asset

by Rebecca Leslie | Jan 26, 2012
According to a recent blog on, “People are drawn to places where they can visualize themselves living and working and doing it better than anywhere else.” Livability is a factor with the power to either make or break a region, its companies and their employees. So what makes Nashville such a great region for a relocating talent and businesses? Three key reasons are Nashville’s talent attraction, anchor points and quality of life.

As Music City, Nashville naturally attracts the creative class that includes musicians and performers. Because the Nashville area's economy is among the most diverse of that in any U.S. region, the region also continues to attract high-quality workers in all business sectors. Nashville supports many innovative and aggressive local programs to recruit workers to Middle Tennessee. Chamber-led workforce initiatives include programming targeted to young professionals, support of public education and higher education, the InternNashville program, an interactive CD-ROM, partnerships to support HR professionals and targeted industry worker attraction and retention.

According to’s blog, “The more hospitals, colleges and universities in a city, the better the workforce and the higher the level of innovation and business development due to research and technology initiatives.” Nashville’s health care industry has a huge national and international impact. It impacts the economy each year by bringing in $30 billion and creating 210,000 jobs. Aside from health care, Nashville has numerous higher-education institutions. Nashville boasts 18 colleges and universities, and 100,000 college students. Sixty percent of the annual graduates remain in Nashville, and these educated workers help form the backbone of our workforce.

Quality of life is a primary reason so many relocate to Nashville. (As we write this, it is 54 degrees and sunny in January.) The region features all four seasons, and the average temperature ranges from 49 in the winter, to 89 in the summer time. To take advantage of beautiful days, people can flock to Nashville’s 92 public parks, 69 miles of greenways, six state and national parks, two recreational lakes, 56 public and private golf courses and many other recreational places. More nationally recognized is Nashville’s art scene. The thirst for good music is easily quenched with Nashville’s 124 performance venues, 79 live music houses, 49 performing arts halls, and more than 120,000 seats in a wide array of entertainment space. Nashville has its own opera, ballet, symphony, children’s theater, art galleries and almost anything someone could want in the arts. As for sports, Nashville is home to two major-league teams: the NFL’s Tennessee Titans and the NHL’s Nashville Predators.

Talent development and quality of place/livability are key strategic drivers of the Chamber’s Partnership 2020 economic development strategy. The amenities of our great city attract people - which, in turn, attracts strong companies and creates an ideal environment for businesses to grow and prosper.

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