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  • Relive the 2014 NEXT Awards

    by Stephanie Coleman | Jan 09, 2015
    It’s a brand-new year for Nashville’s innovators and entrepreneurs to think up new ideas and take their companies to the next level, and we can’t wait to honor those groundbreaking individuals and businesses at the 2015 NEXT Awards this fall.

    In November, the Nashville Chamber and Nashville Entrepreneur Center hosted the 2014 NEXT Awards to recognize those who have achieved excellence in business and entrepreneurship. In case you missed the show or just want to relive the amazing experience, check out the recap video below, compliments of our Chamber member Steven Knapp of knapptimecreative. Warning: this video may inspire creative ideas and entrepreneurial spirit.

    Visit to view more videos from the event and to see a full list of 2014 finalists and winners. The 2015 NEXT Awards are coming this fall, and we'll begin accepting applications this summer. Will you be NEXT?

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  • Introducing Business Studio 2.0

    by Stephanie Coleman | Jan 09, 2015

    Guest post by Corey Davis, director of business growth initiatives, Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce

    Small and midsized businesses are the majority of our Chamber membership and a cornerstone of our regional economy. In September, we launched Business Studio, a new suite of programming specifically designed to help these businesses succeed.

    Yesterday, we hosted a special kickoff event to unveil what I like to think of as "Business Studio 2.0." We'll now host two Business Studio events each month. One will be an educational workshop with an expert presenter, and the other will be an interactive networking experience. For this month's offerings, Michael Croom and John Fink of First Advantage Bank will join us Tuesday, Jan. 20, for an overview of the SBA lending process, and on Thursday, Jan. 29, we'll have a town-hall-style event with Sam Davidson, founder of Batch Nashville. We hope you can join us; to register for these and other upcoming events, visit our online calendar.

    We're also planning big things for the online component of Business Studio. Our blog will include both original and contributed content focused on topics to help improve your business. Other features, such as our BusinessConnect RFP tool, help companies ...
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  • A Look Back At the 2014 NEXT Awards

    by Stephanie Coleman | Nov 26, 2014
    The Nashville Area Chamber and the Nashville Entrepreneur Center created the NEXT Awards four years ago as a way to celebrate the people, companies and ideas that are fueling Middle Tennessee's economy. It's been exciting to see this event grow every year as Nashville continues to be one of the best places to live, work and start a business. 

    With the 2014 NEXT Awards just behind us on Nov. 20, we wanted to take a look back at the event through videos, photos and a podcast. Visit for a full list of this year's finalists and winners.

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  • The NEXT Awards: The Past, Present and Future of Entrepreneurship in Music City

    by Stephanie Coleman | Nov 18, 2014
    Guest post by Clark Buckner, online events manager, TechnologyAdvice

    The annual NEXT Awards celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit in Music City, recognizing businesses and individuals that are leading innovation in Middle Tennessee.

    Many of this year’s finalists gathered for the NEXT Awards Finalists Celebration at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center, where I interviewed them for a podcast about the biggest trends and challenges in Nashville’s entrepreneurial growth.

    Nashville’s NEXT Awards

    The NEXT Awards ceremony is one of the largest events of the year for the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce, which partners with the Entrepreneur Center (EC) in making the event come to life. Corey Davis, the Chamber’s director of business growth initiatives, says it is also one of its most meaningful. “The Chamber wants to help the Nashville business community any way we can. We want Nashville to grow, and partnering with the EC to highlight companies that are the future of Nashville is a great way to help encourage that,” he said.

    NEXT Awards are presented to companies in five industries across three categories based on their stage of growth: startup (small companies), growth (mid-sized companies) and market mover (large companies). Davis is excited about the natural progression of ...

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  • Selling and Negotiating For Today’s Marketplace

    by Stephanie Coleman | Sep 19, 2014
    Guest post by Susan G. Williams, Ph.D., professor emerita of management, The Jack C. Massey Graduate School of Business, Belmont University

    Selling and negotiation are inextricably linked, yet research tells us that most salespeople and executives leave value on the table when they negotiate. The mutual gains negotiation process encourages joint solutions and a well-defined value proposition. Active listening and strong questions are required for results.

    The Chamber’s Sept. 24 professional development workshop, Negotiation: Strategies to Build Your Business, will equip you with tools and techniques to:
    • Prepare for negotiations more effectively;
    • Focus on problems and not on personalities;
    • Avoid typical "win-lose" situations; and
    • Deal better with those who play outside the rules.
    In well-done negotiations, both parties are able to satisfy their interests and there is open, honest communication. Through deep understanding of customer needs and what customers value, you will be able to build larger, more profitable agreements.

    Competing on price alone is no longer an effective strategy in today’s workplace. The negotiation process must have legitimacy so no one feels taken advantage of. Building and sustaining relationships is key, but not at the expense of your business goals.

    Mutual gains negotiation is focused on driving positive results ...
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  • Congratulations to Our NEXT Awards Finalists

    by Stephanie Coleman | Sep 16, 2014
    The Nashville Area Chamber and the Nashville Entrepreneur Center have announced the finalists for the fourth annual NEXT Awards. These awards recognize excellence in business and entrepreneurship in Middle Tennessee.

    The NEXT Awards honor companies and individual entrepreneurs in five business categories that are vital to the Middle Tennessee economy: health care; technology; digital media and entertainment; social enterprise and sustainability; and products and services. Individual awards will also be given for Entrepreneur of the Year and Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

    A celebration of these finalists will be held Tuesday, Oct. 21, at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center. Winners will be announced during the NEXT Awards event Thursday, Nov. 20, at War Memorial Auditorium.

    2014 NEXT Award Finalists

    Digital Media & Entertainment
    • Make It Pop Creations
    • Proof Branding
    • Talkapolis
    • Wheelhouse Marketing Advisors, LLC
    • DWP Live
    • Paramore | the digital agency
    • REACH, LLC
    • Snapshot Interactive LLC
    Health Care
    • Aspire Health, Inc.
    • Bernard Health
    • InvisionHeart Inc.
    • MedCycle Management, LLC
    • Applied Health Analytics, LLC
    • Change Healthcare
    • EnableComp, LLC
    • Sitters Etc.
    Market Mover
    • Cumberland Pharmaceuticals LLC
    • emids
    • Vanderbilt University Medical Center
    Products & Services
    • 6th Man Movers
    • Dan's Gourmet Mac & Cheese
    • Music City Pizza
    • Pfeffer Torode Architecture
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  • Chamber's New Programming Helps Grow Your Business

    by Stephanie Coleman | Sep 10, 2014
    Guest post by Corey Davis, Chamber director of business growth initiatives

    business_studio_logoSmall and entrepreneurial businesses are vital to the Nashville region's economy. They are also an integral part of the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce – nearly 90 percent of our membership is comprised of companies with 100 or fewer employees.

    This month, we're excited to launch Business Studio, a suite of new programming designed especially for our small business members. Whether you're a brand-new solopreneur looking for ways to build your business, or a seasoned small business owner seeking ways to increase employee productivity, Business Studio will provide you with relevant resources that are customized to meet your needs.

    On Tuesday, Sept. 30, we're hosting our first Studio Session. At this event, we'll provide a "business checkup" to give you a full understanding of the key components of owning and running your own business. We'll start with the basics and touch on everything from choosing the right legal structure to certifications, tax and insurance liability, grants, funding, and even going as far as setting up company policies and procedures.

    For your assessment assistance, we'll also have a panel of experts on hand to help us gain a better understanding ...
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  • Entrepreneurial Spotlight: Beth Chase, president and CEO, c3/consulting

    by Stephanie Coleman | Aug 07, 2014
    With the application deadline approaching for the 2014 NEXT Awards, we asked Beth Chase, president and CEO of c3/consulting, to share her insights on Nashville’s business community and entrepreneurial environment. Beth won the NEXT Woman Entrepreneur of the Year in 2011 and NEXT Entrepreneur of the Year in 2013.

    Why did you choose Nashville for your business?

    Nashville’s been in the spotlight recently -- and rightfully so. I believed in Nashville long before Nashville was cool, AND I’ll continue to believe in Nashville because this city warrants it. Why?

    • Thriving business community: Nashville’s economy is supported by the unique combination of Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurial organizations that are headquartered here. The country (and world) is beginning to understand the ecosystem that committed individuals are building in Nashville to support innovation and new business development. The secret’s out, and it’s easy to see why more and more companies are considering moving here. Even better, it’s exciting to see them thrive when they do decide to make the move.

    • Committed community: I serve on the boards of a number of community organizations, and my fellow c3 team members serve on at least 100 others. We live in a community that understands ...
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  • Entrepreneurial Spotlight: Clint Smith

    by Stephanie Coleman | Jul 24, 2014
    With the application deadline approaching for the 2014 NEXT Awards, we asked Clint Smith, co-founder and CEO of Emma, to provide a glimpse into his company’s growth trajectory and share his insights on the importance of Nashville’s entrepreneurial environment. Clint won the NEXT Digital Media & Entertainment Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2011.

    Q: How has Emma grown since you started the company?
    A: When we started, there were just two of us working out of someone else's office in a pair of cubicles for which we'd bartered website design work. By the end of this year, we will likely have around 150 people on staff. So in sheer people terms, it's a much different place than it was years ago, and the team today is able to do so much more than we could as a small startup. And nowadays it seems like each person who joins Emma is even more impressive than the last one (just don't tell the last one!), so to think that we're growing in talent as we're growing in size is very exciting.

    Q: What has surprised you the most about starting and running your own company?
    A: Just how often things basically ...
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  • Maximize the Effectiveness of Strategic Planning and Meetings

    by Stephanie Coleman | Jun 27, 2014
    Guest post by Janet McDonald, vice president, c3/consulting

    Today, two things take up an enormous amount of time in business – meetings and strategic planning. Wouldn’t it be great if you were able to wave a magic wand and transform both into things that drive your business forward and increase your competitive advantage?

    On the strategic planning front, we are all feeling the effects of rapid technological advancement and change. We used to conduct strategic planning with five- to 10-year horizons. Today, we are forced to think in a 12- to 18-month horizon. As a result, strategic thinking needs to be better than ever. If you’re going through strategic planning in order to check a box, don’t waste your time – instead, focus your energy on operational effectiveness. However, if you want to get the most out of your strategic planning sessions, understanding the critical questions and taking the time to debate them before setting strategy is essential. The Chamber’s professional development workshop, Strategy Boot Camp: From Vision to Execution, will equip you with tools and techniques that will help translate strategic planning into a competitive advantage.

    Did you know the average American spends four hours a day in meetings, ...
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