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Help Defeat Anti-business Bill That Will Increase your Exposure to Legal, Safety Risks

by Stephanie Coleman | Apr 03, 2012
This week, the Tennessee General Assembly is considering SB 3002/HB 3560, which would prevent business and property owners from prohibiting firearms in vehicles parked on their property, including on school property. Tennessee is already a strong Second Amendment state. Not only is this bill unnecessary, it puts businesses at severe legal and economic risk.

If this bill passes, it would set a dangerous precedent of infringing on private property rights, limiting business and property owners’ ability to keep their employees and customers safe, and exposing businesses to great risk by allowing civil action suits for injuries and damages caused by a violation of this law.

The bill was recently amended to allow citizens over 21 with a hunting license to store weapons in their vehicles. While handgun carry permits require background checks and safety training, hunting licenses only require proof of residency.

Gov. Bill Haslam and Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey have both expressed their concerns about this measure. Ramsey, a well-known proponent of Second Amendment rights, said the proposal goes too far (Associated Press).

As the Senate and House move toward final votes on this bill, it is critical for legislators to hear from business leaders. Today's Tennessean includes an opinion piece that explains why this bill is bad for business, written by Chamber Prosperity Leader Steven André of Hutton Hotel. In addition, several Chamber members spoke in opposition to this bill last month before the Senate Commerce and Judiciary Committees.

Business is good in Tennessee. In order to keep it that way, please join those who have already spoken out on this issue and contact your elected representatives today. By using the Nashville Area Chamber's Business Voice tool, you can be part of a business movement urging legislators to vote against SB 3002/HB 3560.

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