Action Key to Addressing Regional Priorities

Last month, the more than 40 mayors that make up the Middle Tennessee Mayors' Caucus gathered to discuss the life and health of the region during the release of the third annual Nashville Region’s Vital Signs report. This year’s Vital Signs report shows that there are many things to celebrate in the region. Job growth is high, unemployment is low, our cost of living remains low compared to peer regions, and our residents feel like the region is a lively and vibrant place to live.

However, the report also underscores the importance of leaders coming together to ensure the prosperity being generated by our economy is being spread equally, that our residents can live their lives the way they want, and that our growth doesn’t create a strain on our infrastructure.

The release of the report is only the beginning of the Vital Signs process. As Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Ralph Schulz said, “[Today is] the first important step in bringing together all of the people necessary…to engage in the activity that maintains this prosperous community.”

View the full video from the release below.

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