Community Feedback Guides City Planning

As Metro Nashville/Davidson County continues to create new jobs and welcome an influx of new residents, city planners are relying on community feedback to proactively plan our growth over the next 25 years. NashvilleNext is a long-term strategic planning process that aims to lay the groundwork for our city's future so we can maintain our quality of life and economic success.

As part of the process, NashvilleNext planners held a series of neighborhood meetings to present various aspects of the plan and collect input from residents, eventually amassing more than 15,000 comments and directions. Informed by this citizen response, planners created a "preferred future," which summarizes the first two years of work on NashvilleNext by outlining a possible direction for growth and preservation in Nashville and Davidson County over the next 25 years. This "preferred future" will help align Metro spending, regulations and programming with the community values identified during the public meetings.

Now, NashvilleNext is asking Nashvillians: "Did we get it right?" Review the video introduction to the "preferred future" below, then take a brief survey by Jan. 23 to indicate how important various aspects of the plan are to you.

As a member of the NashvilleNext steering committee, the Nashville Area Chamber is supporting a 25-year strategic plan that will guide our city's growth through 2040, and has been encouraging active participation by our members and business leaders in this important process. Visit to learn more.

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