Member Spotlight - Tennessee Air National Guard at Berry Field

Col. Keith Allbritten, commander, 118th Wing

Q: What's your best piece of advice for other business owners?
A: When you hire a member of the Air National Guard, you get an employee who knows how to be on time, in shape, healthy, drug-free, well-educated and understands the meaning of getting the job done. 

Q: What's important for people to know about the Tennessee Air National Guard and Berry Field?
A: At Berry Field, we have very high-speed missions that are supported by a well-trained, disciplined and technically savvy workforce - great patriots who support our country. We are proud to be an instrument of national power!

Q: What's the best advice you ever received?
A: "Be ready when the train pulls into the station." In other words, if you need certain training to get to the next level, don't wait until the promotion opportunity presents itself - if you leave the station to go home and pack your bag, the train has left when you get back and you've missed your opportunity. Lack of preparation = self-elimination. Never hold yourself back.

Q: What's your biggest goal for your company in the next year?
A: We have several goals for our organization; these include to increase Air National Guard visibility among Middle Tennessee residents and business owners, to support our guardsmen as they work in the civilian community, and to promote the benefits of having a guardsman on staff as an employee.   


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