Member Spotlight - The Next Door

Q: What is the mission of The Next Door?
A: The Next Door provides a continuum of evidence-based services for women and their families impacted by addiction, mental illness, trauma and/or incarceration with Christ-centered compassionate care.  

Q: Describe a recent challenge and how you addressed it.
A: In the last two years, due to expansion in addiction treatment and medical services, The Next Door staff has doubled in size! With this amount of rapid growth, it has been a challenge to keep our 120+ staff members unified and effective communication taking place. We have made monthly staff meetings a priority, implemented a fun new-hire orientation meeting as well as regular staff development and team-building activities around holidays, to keep our staff well-informed, connected to one another and interacting often.  

Q: What's the best advice you ever received?  
A: As the need for treatment services for women in the Nashville community grew, and The Next Door’s leadership looked to the future, we were advised by a board member, “Do what you can to meet the needs in the community and grow as you can to meet that need, but stay true to the mission, vision and core values The Next Door was founded upon and don’t stray away from that.”  

Q: How can the Nashville business community help support The Next Door?  
A: Come and see us! Many people drive down “Hospital Row” in midtown Nashville and pass by our facility on 22nd and Charlotte Avenue, but don’t know what The Next Door is! We invite anyone to come for a tour of our building and become familiar with this life-changing organization dedicated to giving women a second chance at a healthy, productive life without drugs and alcohol. We hold monthly information sessions/tours for the community, and we love having new visitors. Addiction is becoming more and more prevalent in our state, and it’s time to open the lines of communication around the deadly disease known as addiction. If your company has an employee assistance program, we’d love to make them aware of The Next Door, in case any of your staff or staff’s families know of a woman in need of The Next Door’s services. 

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