How to access a mailing list of Chamber members

One benefit of membership to the Nashville Chamber that you may not be aware of is access to a member mailing list.

You can download a member mailing list directly from your member portal if your membership is at the Engage ($1500) level or above. To do so, simply log in to the member portal here and then click the “Member Mailing List” link. The member mailing list is updated every month to include new members.

If you need your login information, you can enter the main email on your business’s membership here to receive your login credentials. If you don’t know the main email on your profile, please email Denise Hoolhorst at

If you are a member at the Belong ($500) level, you can still access a member mailing list for just $50. To do so, send an email to or fill out the form below.

The member mailing list includes information on our members including the business name, address, phone number and the name of a representative with the business. Furthermore, the businesses can be sorted and searched by category so you can reach the businesses that are most relevant to your goods or services.

One piece of information that is not available on the member mailing list is member email addresses. We understand that email addresses are sensitive to abuse by spammers so we make sure that your email address is protected and unavailable to advertisers – even if those advertisers are Chamber members themselves. However, the mailing list contains actionable information on our more than 2000 members in an easy-to-edit and searchable document.

If you are not a member and would like a copy of our member mailing list, you can learn more about membership and the benefits of each level of membership here.

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