Moving to Nashville? We can help.

Nashville was once again named in Forbes’ list of America’s Top 20 Fastest-Growing Cities in 2018. 

As the Nashville area grows, our talent pool grows too. We are attracting some of the highest-skilled workers in the industries with the highest demand. Are you one of these workers moving to Nashville?

We’ve put together a series of resources for professionals moving to middle Tennessee to pursue their careers.

Where to live

There are plenty of platforms to help people find a home to buy or rent, but finding a neighborhood, suburb or outlying city that matches your lifestyle can be a huge factor in determining your happiness in a new place.

See a thorough breakdown of Nashville neighborhoods and suburbs here.

Another consideration for choosing where to live when you’re moving to the region is finding a school that meets your family’s needs. Supporting a thriving public education system is a top priority for the Nashville Area Chamber.

Every year, we release an Education Report Card that takes an in-depth look at the performance of Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) which can be found here. In addition, MNPS has a Quick Start Guide for parents looking to learn more about their school choices. You can also see a full Nashville-region school list here.

Where to work

The best place to start is the Nashville Chamber’s Employment Resource Guide. It breaks down the top questions professionals ask themselves when moving to our region without a job already lined up.

Another great resource is the Nashville Chamber Job Board. It features job opportunities at Chamber member businesses, broken down by industry, so you can easily find the opportunities that match your skills. You can also see a list of the major employers in Nashville here.

To get connected with Chamber member and investor businesses, consider submitting your resumé to our online resumé bank. This database is only accessible to Chamber member and investor businesses.

The Chamber also has many member businesses that specialize in helping people new to the region with their job search. Check out the employment agencies that invest in the Nashville Chamber here.

Nashville’s IT sector is one of our fastest-growing industries. You can find tech job opportunities at the Nashville Technology Council’s We Build Tech platform or the Women in Tech Tennessee website.

Where to play

Nashville may be known as “Music City,” but our city’s culture goes far beyond our live music scene. Check out these links to cornerstone cultural events in the area.

You can find an easy-to-use platform for finding things to do at, including festivals, outdoor recreational activities and the live music our city is famous for.

How to get connected

There are a wide variety of ways for people moving to Nashville to get involved and connected with other professionals.

YP Nashville is a partnership between the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce and young professional organizations in the community. Young professionals can find an organization that will help them actively shape the future of the Nashville region. YP Nashville also facilitates and sponsors events just for young professionals; find out more here.

Seniors can connect with each other using FiftyForward, a leading resource for adults 50+ in Middle Tennessee that want to lead longer, more fulfilling lives.

Nashville has hundreds of active meet-up groups for almost every kind of interest you can imagine.

The Nashville Chamber’s events are also a great way for people to get involved with the Nashville area business community.

If you want to receive more personalized information about moving to middle Tennessee, fill out this form to receive a quick guide from one of our team members. Also, more in-depth information on how to get established in Nashville can be found here.


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