Research in Review - August 10, 2017

This weekly blog post will serve to share the most exciting research developments and data in Nashville, Middle Tennessee, nationally and even internationally that are relevant to the mission of our organization. If you have any questions, please contact our research team.


A new interactive data portal from Chattanooga allows users to see a variety of data about the city.  These findings are important to note as Nashville and other peer cities continue to grow and change.

report from Pew finds that more U.S. households are renting than at any point in the last fifty years. This national trend is also apparent in Nashville, where the number of renter-occupied units has increased steadily in recent years.


report from Brookings analyzes the prevalence of optimism, worry and pain across all fifty states. 

report from Gallup notes that grocery shoppers have not followed the growing online shopping trend.  

Education and Workforce 

This Brookings report highlights the international and domestic net migration to major U.S. cities, with Nashville performing well in both categories, particularly net domestic migration.

This BLS article highlights the steady high growth of nursing jobs in the nation since 2002. Nursing has been one of the fastest growing occupations in the Nashville region over the past 10 years, which reflects the national trend.

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