Research in Review - August 17, 2017

This weekly blog post will serve to share the most exciting research developments and data in Nashville, Middle Tennessee, nationally and even internationally that are relevant to the mission of our organization. If you have any questions, please contact our research team.


The Center for Neighborhood Technology breaks down the percentage of total income people spend on housing and transportation costs. According to their data, residents in the Nashville MSA currently spend 29% of their income on housing and 26% on transportation costs.  In 2011, Nashville MSA residents spent 24% of their income on housing and 29% on transportation costs.

As Nashville continues to grow, affordable housing will continue to be a pressing issue for the region. Currently, the median rent in Davidson County is $924, which requires an hourly wage of $17.77 for a single renter to avoid being cost-burdened (spending over 30% of gross income on housing). This means that housing costs in the Nashville region are approaching, or surpassing, cost-burdening levels for many people.


An article from the New York Times shows where in the country select musicians are most popular. The music industry is a vital part of the Nashville region’s culture and economy, accounting for an annual economic impact of $9.7 billion according to a study by The Research Center.

This interactive map from Axios analyzes the flows of goods between states broken down by various categories of goods. This resource is a fascinating look at which industries rely on Tennessee as a transportation hub.

Education and Workforce

This article from the Washington Post emphasizes the importance of getting adults who started college but did not finish to go back and earn their degree. Nationally, this group represents over 36 million people, including 252,337 in the Nashville MSA, which is 20.6% of the population of adults 25 and over in the Nashville region. Middle Tennessee Reconnect Community is working hard to help adults return to college and get a degree or certificate.

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