Top 10 skills Nashville area workers need

According to LinkedIn data, Nashville is experiencing a skills gap. A skills gap occurs when there aren’t enough workers with specific skills to meet demand for job openings that require them.

The Nashville area isn’t alone in this. The “skills gap” of America is on the minds of politicians and researchers alike. Unemployed and underemployed people can’t find work while businesses are, at the same time, unable to fill positions.

LinkedIn’s August 2017 Workforce Report showed that the Nashville area’s most scarce skills are:

  1. IT infrastructure and management
  2. Software engineering and requirements gathering
  3. Process and project management
  4. General finance
  5. Web programming
  6. Risk management
  7. Trading and investment
  8. Banking
  9. Pet care and services
  10. Management consulting, business strategy and analysis

Notice a trend? Our region needs managers and tech workers.

Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce is working hard to make sure our workforce has the skills that businesses need. An unaddressed skills gap can really hinder the economic growth of a region. In fact, not being able to fill positions with qualified candidates costs companies nearly $1 million per year on average according to a survey by

To address the need for management professionals, we are supporting the work of Middle Tennessee Reconnect Community. This organization helps Middle Tennesseans who never finished, or even started, a post-secondary degree return to college to earn a degree or certificate. This initiative will empower these individuals to fill the empty management positions that LinkedIn identified in their skills gap analysis.

To fulfill tech needs, we are attracting skilled talent from other areas with the WorkIT program, making sure the region remains an attractive place to live and work and supporting education initiatives that focus on technology and engineering. One of these initiatives is the Academies of Nashville program. We have partnered with businesses and Metro Nashville Public Schools since 2006 to provide hands-on learning, post-secondary opportunities and industry certifications in a variety of industries including web design, engineering, banking and finance, programming and software development, entrepreneurship and more.

Find out more about how to get involved with our efforts by becoming a member or by using your membership to get connected.

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