What did we accomplish this year?

Every year, we recognize our region’s successes by inviting you to our annual meeting where we reflect on the accomplishments and outcomes from the previous year and look to the year ahead.

This year, we have so much to celebrate we’re turning the meeting into a brand-new event – our Annual Celebration.

This celebration will be a reflection of our vibrant, diverse community and will acknowledge our region’s progress in creating economic prosperity for everyone. At the beautiful Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, we will also be introducing the Regional Impact Awards, a new honor designated for members who have contributed to the success of the region in a variety of industries and topics.

What are we celebrating?

This year, our economic development team announced 112 business relocations and expansions and nearly 11,000 new jobs. This keeps the Nashville region a top ten major metro area for job growth for the fifth year in a row.

Our policy team is celebrating Academies of Nashville program’s industry certification initiative, which saw an increase of 60 percent in students taking the industry certification exams. Furthermore, they worked with Moving Forward to support the passage of the IMPROVE Act, which will allow local governments to create dedicated transit funding solutions.

We added 352 new members to our community of businesses and continued to provide exclusive and exceptional business programming and events in the Nashville area. More than 1,000 people registered for our small business programming this year alone.

But most of all, our region continued to enjoy the robust growth that has made the Nashville area a destination for talent acquisition, business expansion and entrepreneurial investment. Without the business and community leaders that work to make our region great, and the small businesses that drive our economy, this growth would not be possible.

This is just the beginning of what we will be celebrating at our Annual Celebration on September 28. We invite everyone to join us for networking before and after the event. You can register for Annual Celebration here.

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