Why In-person Networking is Still Important

There’s a common misconception that in-person networking has lost its effectiveness in the digital age. 

With more ways than ever to connect online, many professionals believe in-person networking is no longer the most efficient way to connect with other business leaders.

In fact, evidence shows that in-person networking is more effective than ever at one function of networking: B2B marketing.

If your company needs to reach other businesses and you aren’t going to in-person networking events, you’re really missing out.

In a study released by the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, 75% of respondents said that the most effective B2B marketing strategy is in-person networking events, a 69% increase from the previous year. This data shows us  that in-person networking events are becoming more popular even though we spend more time online.

This effectiveness is most likely due to the fact that in-person events allow for a level of interaction that can’t be achieved on a social networking site. In-person interactions allow professionals to read each other’s body language, facial expression and vocal tone which builds trust. This trust is why someone is 34 times more likely to respond favorably to a face-to-face request than one via email. In fact, when we really trust someone, we’re hardwired to mirror their actions, posture and tone. Referred to as limbic synchrony, this allows people to better understand each other’s viewpoints.

At the Chamber, we know the importance of networking for a variety of business goals. That’s why we facilitate and host some of the best networking opportunities in the Nashville region. These in-person events are a great resource for any professional to make real, lasting connections with other business leaders but they are particularly valuable for B2B companies.

Even if you think your marketing plan is complete without engaging in in-person networking, we offer plenty of opportunities to network with business leaders for free! Check out our upcoming events here.

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