Why Nashville Area Chamber supports the Transit for Nashville coalition

On Saturday, September 9, a transit coalition aiming to bring Mayor Barry’s proposed referendum on mass transit to the polls in May 2018 officially launched with a signature drive to identify voters who support this effort.

The Transit for Nashville Coalition is a broad and diverse group of many organizations in the Nashville area, including the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce.

Expanding transit is critical to our economic future but has become even more of a key issue in the past few years as our region has grown. As more people move into Middle Tennessee, economic growth is accompanied by increased traffic that can keep goods from moving efficiently through the area and people from getting to work and educational opportunities.

Unless we address our transit problems now, our region may soon find that economic growth slows.

From quality of life concerns for people and businesses moving into the region to lost productivity due to congestion, transit issues touch many aspects of economic growth. A comprehensive transit solution will increase access for the region, bring economic opportunity to those that rely on public transit and position Nashville as a city ready to continue growing.

As we celebrate the success of our region over the past year at our Annual Celebration on September 28, we’ll be talking about this important issue and the work we have ahead.

Looking ahead, we support the efforts to create a mass transit system in Nashville that helps our region manage its future growth. Part of this support includes backing the Transit for Nashville Coalition as they begin the push to allow voters to make their voices heard at the polls.

We invite our members, staff and the business and community leaders that help us accomplish our mission to join us. You can sign the petition, volunteer and donate to the cause by visiting TransitForNashville.com.

For more information about Middle Tennessee’s efforts to expand transit, please visit MovingForwardMidTN.com.

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