Creating work-life balance as a Nashville entrepreneur

Work-life balance is important for everyone, especially entrepreneurs who have invested a lot in their business.

Work-life balance has become increasingly important to employees. In several surveys, work-life balance has been cited as an important factor for employees to consider during job searches or deciding whether to stay with a current employer. In the 2018 Randstad Employer Brand Research global report, 45% of surveyed employees identified work-life balance as a top reason they choose to stay at a company long-term. This means that many businesses are having to think about how they can help their employees find more balance between work and personal life. This can include flexible working schedules, alternative working hours and more.

But what if you’re the boss? Small business owners, particularly solo entrepreneurs, can have a really hard time managing their work-life balance so that they don’t fall victim to entrepreneur burnout.

How can you keep yourself from becoming consumed with work as a Nashville entrepreneur?

Work, life and work-life

The main issue with applying standard work-life balance tips to your life as an entrepreneur or small business owner is that the lines between work and life are can be really blurred. When you start your own business, it becomes a huge part of your personal life, too. Many articles on improving work-life balance suggest things like setting up strict boundaries between different parts of your life to ensure that you aren’t jeopardizing your personal relationships or business by letting the other part infringe too much on your time.

A better way to think about this issue could be to actually embrace the melding of your work and life into one thing: your work-life. Rather than trying to force both sides into equilibrium, accepting that they will bleed into one another might lead to less stress for you. Be open with your family and friends about work wins or struggles and encourage openness about home lives with your partners or employees rather than trying to keep everything in a separate box.

Be open to suggestions

When you start your own business, you’re not the only one who is affected. Your loved ones can also, unintentionally or intentionally, become a part of your work-life. Whether it’s missing a family function to complete an important project or giving a friend a discount on services, your small business can have a lot of consequences, good and bad, on the lives of the ones you’re closest to.

The hard truth is that there will be some people in your life who don’t want to be a part of your work-life. While that can be disappointing, it’s important to respect their wishes. If you feel like some relationships might be a little strained due to your commitment to your small business, have a frank discussion with those people about how to navigate these issues. In some cases, that might mean turning off your phone for date night with your partner or scheduling monthly work-free catch-up sessions with an old friend.

Ask for help

With all that being said, the people in your personal life will probably be excited to celebrate your work successes and vice versa. But don’t be afraid to share more than the good news. Entrepreneurs, especially those that employ others, can feel incredible pressure. If you need help, ask! Having a support system that can help you excel in your personal life and work is essential for any entrepreneur.

Life as a Nashville entrepreneur can be hectic. If you have developed strategies for managing the struggle between personal and professional, share your story on social media and tag #Nashpreneurs. Your story could be featured on the Nashpreneurs website or an upcoming small business newsletter. Click here to read more tips for small business owners in Nashville.

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