Is Partnership 2020 a good investment for your business?

If you want a say in how our city grows and develops over the coming decades, investing in Partnership 2020 gets you a seat at the table.

P2020 is the Nashville region’s strategic economic development initiative. Our team at the Chamber works alongside our P2020 investors to achieve the following goals that affect every business owner, employee and student in our region:

  • Economic Prosperity – creating a diverse economy with plenty of employment opportunities and setting Nashville apart from competitor cities for business relocations and expansions
  • Education & Talent Development – preparing students in our region to fill employment gaps and attract highly-skilled workers from other markets
  • Place & Livability – ensuring Nashville continues to be a great place to live, work and play while planning for the challenges of a growing population, maintaining Nashville’s current cost-of-living advantages and addressing the general health and wellness of our employees in the workplace

You will have unprecedented access to the best network of business leaders in Nashville for immediate business growth opportunities.

But most importantly, as a P2020 investor, you will be an integral part of the decisions that will shape your business’s economic success in the future.

So, is P2020 a good investment for your business? We believe:

  • Every large employer in the region should be an engaged member of our business community.
  • CEOs should be good stewards of the economic progress of previous generations.
  • Without investment in future growth, we will stagnate.

Contact our Partnership 2020 team to learn more about how investing can help your business grow for years to come.

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