Nashville rooftop bars are a draw for tourists and locals alike

This article was provided by North Point Hospitality, who are developing the new tri-brand Marriott hotel slated to open in Nashville this winter.

Nashville’s hotel growth has brought an unexpected benefit to the city – great amenities. This surge in amenities has created a tremendous opportunity for hotels to appeal to visitors and locals alike. 

Whether a hotel has an official lobby pet, a hidden bar, or music venue, hotels are upping their game when it comes to what they have to offer guests. The most popular amenity trend in Nashville right now is the rooftop bar. Offering grand views, creative cocktails, and unique cuisine, what’s not to love about these aerial innovations?

One of the new rooftop experiences coming to Nashville this December will be the appropriately named “rtb!” (rooftop bar) at the SpringHill Suites/Residence Inn/AC Hotel.

For years, city planners, developers, and hotel owners looked for ways to expand outdoor dining. Nashville has approximately 9 months of the year in which the weather lends itself to outdoor dining. Locals show their love for outdoor dining by filling up every outdoor patio in the city at the first hint of warm weather each year. Because of limited ground space, developers and owners began to look up.

Today, rooftop bars in Nashville are some of the hottest spots in the city.  For owners, rooftop bars are profitable amenities that entice guests to stay on property rather than explore other bars in the area.  When open to the public, a bar with great service, outdoor seating, and killer views is a great way for hotels to engage and connect locally.  More importantly, for guests, rooftop bars offer an escape from the ordinary.  Many guests find an oasis of tranquility by stopping by after a long day of meetings or for a nightcap post-Broadway.

Some of the reasons rooftop bars have gained so much traction nationwide – aside from the views – include the offerings of the bars themselves.  Most rooftop bars in Nashville and other markets have been successful by designing a unique aesthetic that, while coordinated with the rest of the hotel, does not feel like a typical hotel bar.  Additionally, most rooftop bars have a bit more flexibility when it comes to offering unique cocktails and cuisine.  Owners recognize that guests using these spaces are not necessarily looking for a full meal, but prefer light bites that they can nibble or share over happy hour or after a late night out. 

One of the new rooftop experiences coming to Nashville this December will be the appropriately named “rtb!” (rooftop bar) at the SpringHill Suites/Residence Inn/AC Hotel. Offered as an exclusive amenity for guests, this intimate space will feature bar seating for 40 with additional terrace seating for 20. Guests can enjoy rtb!'s signature drink, Smooth as Tennessee Whiskey, while enjoying Spanish-inspired tapas. Another great feature of rtb! will be the close proximity of the hotel’s meeting and event space.  Adjacent to the 4,310 square foot ballroom, rtb! will be ideal for groups looking for a unique place to relax and unwind with boozy libations and delicious bites before and after events.

While the stunning rate of new hotel properties continues to climb, so does the level of amenities offered.  With the rooftop bar trend, hotel guests and locals alike are finding an elevated way to sip their favorite cocktail while taking in the views.  Whether enjoying a frosty frozen rosé or a cold beer, one thing is certain, fall and spring promise many skyline level toasts to Music City.

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