New Chamber members are excited to grow with us

Every month, we hold a Member Orientation event for new members to meet for a free breakfast or lunch. During this meeting, members learn about the customer development, income development and visibility opportunities available at the Chamber.

At recent Member Orientations, we spoke to new members who are excited to grow with the Chamber, excel in their careers and participate in the region’s most engaging business community.

“I’m newly introduced to the Chamber. However, I am very excited to begin getting involved. I’ve been with Legends Bank for about a month now, and the biggest thing that I was excited about with my new position is that it’s a role which allows and encourages getting involved with the community and building relationships with the leaders of region,” said Naaman Stillwell, branch manager for Legends Bank. “With Legends Bank being a local community bank, all of the customers are local. This local money on deposit is then being lent to other local businesses and individuals to perpetuate regional growth. Getting involved with the Nashville Chamber can only increase my chances of helping the area grow, and I’m excited about the opportunities that are ahead.

Another new member that is excited about the opportunities at the Chamber is Susan Moody, Client Success Manager at Forward it On. “My new chamber member experience has been excellent. I can’t wait to get entrenched in this community of professional businesses that care. It all started with the new member orientation breakfast where I know my business received good qualified introductions and leads. While Nashville is growing by leaps and bounds, it’s reassuring to know business leaders are there to support and grow new members. The Nashville Chamber is a resource I know our business will continue to support in the future,” she said.

Debra Sunderland, an Executive Coach, had this to say about her experience as a new member: “In joining the Chamber, I'm most excited about having access to people who are open to connections because business growth happens because of relationships and connections of all kinds - from entrepreneurs to executives. Success is being who we truly are. Tapping into this alignment helps develop creative and collaborative relationships in work and life.” Debra Sunderland is also taking advantage of one of our newest member benefits, the Member Content Program, by publishing her original content on our website. You can learn more about how to participate in this program here.

To register for the next Member Orientation, click here to see our event calendar. This is a great opportunity for current members, new member and even prospective members to see what the Chamber is all about and make lasting connections with our staff.

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