Revamped membership levels reflect our commitment to helping our members succeed

In 2018, we are rolling out new membership levels. Though the features and benefits will largely remain the same, we have changed the names of these membership options to better align with our goal to create economic prosperity by facilitating community leadership.

These new levels are:

  • Impact: $10,000
  • Prosper: $5,000
  • Lead: $3,500
  • Engage: $1,500
  • Belong: $500

To celebrate this change, we’ve also released a new membership magazine that outlines what it means to be a Chamber member. You can download a digital copy by filling out the form below.

This change is not superficial. “Belong. Engage. Lead. Prosper,” is our tagline and it illustrates the path of membership, and success, that we envision for every Chamber member.

Many businesses join at the Belong level. At this level, you are just beginning your journey in the business community in the Nashville area. We give you a place to belong that offers the tools and support to help you grow and develop your business.

As you find success with the Chamber’s networking and development opportunities, you progress to the Engage level. This membership level reflects that you are more engaged and active in building a Nashville-area business community that thrives well into the future.

Next comes Lead. At the Lead level, you are ready to become a true leader in the business community. Others look to you as an example of professional success and community-building advocate. Lead members have increased access to the decision-makers in our region.

At the Prosper level, you are recognizing the role of the Chamber in helping your business achieve economic success through advocacy efforts on important policy issues, and economic development initiatives.

Finally, the Impact level is for the top influencers of the Nashville region. You are ready to have a significant impact on how the economy of Middle Tennessee looks, operates and succeeds through your membership.

We want every member business to succeed because your success allows us to continue the work of making sure the Nashville area remains a destination for top talent and business expansion and relocation. If you are not yet a member of the Chamber, click here to read more about the benefits of membership.

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