A Tour of Nashville's Murals

For guests visiting Nashville, there are countless amazing photo opportunities to choose from.

Recently, the most popular Instagram-worthy locations have featured some must-see murals scattered throughout Music City. Doing a tour of murals is a great way for visitors to become familiar with the area and discover some of the hidden gems of the city. Not only do they attract visitors, but these public art installations have also been a great way for Nashville residents to learn more about their city and explore areas they would not usually visit.

Nashville consists of many unique neighborhoods, from 12th South with its charming shops and restaurants, to Germantown and East Nashville, each with their own unique attractions and flair. Through public art initiatives and building owners looking to create distinctive neighborhood curiosities, visitors and locals alike can find these gorgeous murals in most of Nashville’s neighborhoods. Many of these murals have been created as part of an ongoing public art initiative by the Metro Arts Commission to bring more art to the public. By having unique, eye-catching art on the sides of buildings rather than just in an art museum, more people than ever before have access to art, making Nashville’s art culture even more inclusive. These murals are not only making the city more beautiful, but they are also bringing the community together and increasing art education.

Many of the murals are within walking distance from the AC Hotel Nashville Downtown. One of the most popular murals on Instagram is the “What Lifts You” wings in the Gulch. The mural consists of two large decorative wings with space in the middle for guests to stand with the wings in the background. Another popular mural is “I Believe in Nashville” in 12th South. This eye-catching red, white and blue mural features the recognizable tri-star, which can also be found on the Tennessee state flag. Although the mural was vandalized in 2017, the community quickly banded together to have it restored within a week. A new addition to the mural collection in Nashville is the recently added “Listening Room” headphones on the side of The Listening Room Cafe on 4th Avenue South.

Most of these murals are accompanied by their own unique hashtag, which, in our ever-social world, allows visitors to connect and share their photos with people all over the world. While go-to tourist attractions are great, Nashville is so much more than pedal taverns. The excellent SpringHill Suites/Residence Inn/AC Hotel Nashville Downtown staff will gladly provide guests with directions to these murals from the hotel during your visit. Guests may also book private mural tours through Nashville Mural Tours: www.nashvillemuraltours.com.  Take some time out of your trip to appreciate the art and culture of the city and capture some amazing moments along the way.

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