Impact Nashville announces $100,000 in grant funding for 2019

Impact Nashville announced that it has reached a new milestone of 100 women members and raised $100,000 for Nashville area non-profit organizations.  This is an increase of almost 100% over last year, when 57 women raised $57,000 that was split between two grant recipients.   

Susan Groenwald, an Impact Nashville board member, joined the organization last year after moving to Nashville from Chicago.  She was interested in meeting women in her new town and attracted to the idea of a women's giving circle. “I love the concept of Impact Nashville in that 100% of our contribution goes to the selected non-profits, and I get to have an equal vote with other members as to which organizations are awarded the grants. Interacting directly with the grant awardees and the people they serve is very rewarding.”  

The organization serves all surrounding Nashville counties and is seeking to expand membership to 500 members and beyond.  Says Sue Herman, Impact Nashville’s membership director, “If each of our 100 members brings in a new member, think how much good we can do for the Nashville community.”


Impact Nashville is a women’s giving circle model established in 2014, and is modeled on the global organization Impact 100, where each woman member donates $1,000 annually.  The $1000 contribution per member combines to form grants that are given to deserving Nashville nonprofits. In 2018, Impact Nashville had 57 women members and was able to award two $28,500 grants, one each to grant recipients Shower Up and Oasis Center.  100 percent of the annual $1,000 contribution goes to grants; none is used for operating expenses of the organization. 

Though Impact Nashville members are generous, they also mean business. Nonprofits that apply to receive Impact Nashville grants have said it is a rigorous process. “It’s definitely one of the more time-intensive things we’ve done as an organization but helped us tremendously in refining how we apply to grants,” said Jennifer Gash executive director of Tennessee Alliance for Kids, a 2017 grant recipient.  Nonprofits are asked to complete written applications, organize an onsite visit for the Impact Nashville members, and then finally give a pitch to all Impact Nashville members who then vote democratically on the winner.   “We are unbelievably proud of the organizations our women members voted on and chose to win our grants. Both organizations are doing amazing work and are meeting a great need in the community,” says Michele Herlein, chairwoman of the board of directors of Impact Nashville.    

To learn more, visit, email, or call Michele Herlein at 615-252-4484.

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