Small Biz Superstar: A&M Events

Amanda Stone, Partner, Events and Operations & Micaela Reed, Partner, Brand and Community of A&M Events, shares insights on what the organization does in the community, and advice on embracing challenges head on.

1. Tell us why you started this organization?

We launched A&M Events in 2012 when Nashville was in the beginning stages of its recent growth. The events industry was expanding and opportunities were at our doorstep. We wanted to build an events agency that would not only deliver a fresh perspective and experience for our clients, but also provide a harmonious work-life culture for our growing team.

2. What has been your proudest moment at A&M Events?  

One of our proudest moments came recently, when the husband of our Director of Events posted a photo with a caption describing how happy he was for his wife to have found a company that she loves and that values her. We’re proud to be building a team that is engaged and content! 

Overall, we’re also proud of our organic growth and high client retention, which are testaments to our team, values, project approach, and follow-through. 

3. What was the very first business you started?

A&M Events was the first business we started, but definitely not the last. We keep a running list of ideas for expansion and new concepts!

4. What do you do to invest in our Nashville community?  

We’re lucky to share much of our work directly with the Nashville community! Our events and projects offer opportunities for discovery and engagement. For example, one of our core offerings is Community Programming and Placemaking. Through a comprehensive event and marketing strategy, we work with real estate developers and other partners to establish neighborhoods or communities as places where people want to live, work, and play. These special places and experiences maintain the authenticity that made Nashville so desirable at the beginning of the boom. 

Our team members serve as mentors, volunteers, and board members for organizations ranging from Communities in Schools to Nashville Design Week. Our involvement in the community not only strengthens the city we love, but also makes us more informed and connected to our fellow Nashvillians. 

5. What advice do you have for fellow Nashpreneurs? 

We’ve outlawed the words “assume” and “it will work out” from our vocabularies. Situations “work out” because leaders step up with solutions and strategies. Confront change, challenges, and blind spots head-on. Entrepreneurs must continually expand our comfort zones as we learn from each new experience, internally within our organizations and externally in the marketplace. Don’t simply be comfortable with change – embrace it. Keep your head up and mind open. 

Get up to speed on the offerings of the Chamber and other local organizations. From leadership development to networking opportunities and more, there are so many avenues available to entrepreneurs. 

6. Why do you think the Nashville region is a great place for small businesses? 

The growth of the region means that there is plenty of business for everyone. Of course, some spirited competition is healthy, but by and large, the Nashville region is welcoming, collaborative, and supportive of small businesses of all kinds!

That growth also attracts talent. The internal and external demands of small business operations require dynamic roles. Hiring team members who add value to your company and align with the values and culture fosters a sustainable team that you can trust to deliver. A healthily functioning team gives us the structure and support required to operate efficiently and effectively so we can continue to scale.

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