Small Biz Superstar: Nancy Youssef from Curves with Purpose shares her advice for other entrepreneurs

Small Biz Superstar: Curves with Purpose

1.     Why did you start Curves with Purpose?

Curves with Purpose began almost two decades ago. At the time, I didn’t realize it would ultimately be Curves with Purpose. It started because I grew up seeing friends and family struggle to find great quality and on trend clothing that fit sizes 10 and up. When I went to fashion design school, I had decided that my final project would be a women’s plus size ready to wear line, and that is really where the idea was born. As the years went on, and I deviated into a corporate role, it became more and more evident that even twenty years later there was still a dire need in the market place for this market segment. I went on to create Curves with Purpose in November 2017 to fill that void and support the nearly 70% of the population that falls in the size 14+ market segment.

2.     What was your proudest moment at your company?

As we are still in our foundational years, every win feels like the proudest moment! I would say I’m always surprised (pleasantly) and so proud whenever I’m asked to talk about this community we’re building, where I can brag on the incredible support of the women that believe in our values, and share our purpose.

3.     What was the very first business you ever started?

Does my lemonade stand count???

Curves with Purpose is probably the first true business I’ve started.

4.     What do you do to invest in our Nashville community? 

I love our Nashville community, it has been the foundation of our nearly ten decades of living here. I find solace in giving back through mentoring both inspired entrepreneurs and people growing in the corporate path. I serve on the advisory council of Belmont University’s College of International Business. I have just completed my time as Chair of the Chamber of Commerce’s International Business Council. I’m hugely involved with the immigrant community and serve on Mayor’s advisory councils for new Americans as well as the minority and women owned business council. One of my favorite services is through Soles 4 Souls, a charitable organization based in Nashville that provides new and used footwear and apparel to those in need.

5.     What advice do you have for fellow Nashpreneurs?

It’s cliché, and I never really believed it because I hid behind the curtain of corporate America, but that all changed when I started my own business, find a support system! Find groups of like minded people to support you on your journey. Share your ups and downs and you may find someone has walked through your path (or similar) – it has been my saving grace for the last couple years.

6.     Why do you think the Nashville region is a great place to be a small business?

Nashville is the perfect place to be a small business. There are tremendous resources both from small business programs, human knowledge (mentors and coaches) to capital and infrastructure support. Additionally, because there is a vast network of small businesses, some you’ve heard of, some you never have there is so much support regardless of your business.

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