Governor Bill Lee speaks to Nashville Business Leaders at 2020 Governor's Address

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee spoke to Nashville Business Leaders at the 2020 Governor’s Address on March 10, 2020. The event is hosted each year by the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber welcomed Governor Bill Lee to share insights about the state, its economy and business environment and his budgetary priorities this year.

Gov. Bill Lee addresses Nashville business leaders at the Omni Hotel in Downtown Nashville
“I saw Tennesseans come out to help tornado victims within hours. First responders, fire fighters, and volunteers from across the state. It’s a bittersweet experience we find ourselves in, but I’m very proud to be a Tennessean.” - Governor Bill Lee

Here’s a selection of (@nashchamber) live tweets from the event:

“36.3% of Tennessee’s GDP is here in Nashville and we were ranked second in the nation for job growth over the past year. A lot to celebrate and applaud here in the Nashville region.” 

- Ralph Schulz, Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce

“We’ve sponsored this event for 10 years now and this year it couldn’t be more important. Regardless of who the Governor is, we know we can trust the state of TN. We know the Gov. is looking out for residents of TN.” 

- Tom Lee, Frost Brown Todd

“Everyone in this place has a role to play in TN’s success. Let me just say, after this past week I’ve never been more proud to be a Tennessean.” 

- Governor Bill Lee

“I saw Tennesseans come out to help tornado victims within hours. First responders, fire fighters, and volunteers from across the state. It’s a bittersweet experience we find ourselves in, but I’m very proud to be a Tennessean.” 

- Governor Bill Lee

“We now have four confirmed cases of COVID-19 in TN. I like to remind folks that this is serious, but we have to have a big picture perspective. We have to respond appropriately. Panic is not the right response.”

- Governor Bill Lee

“Preparedness is the way to be set up for response. Depts. across the state have a great deal of preparedness. I met with the CDC weeks ago, along with the Vice President to discuss how to appropriately be prepared and respond to COVID-19

- Governor Bill Lee

 “As a former business guy, I view my role as Governor as managing the budget as the most important job I have. I’m proud we’ve been recognized as the #1 state for fiscal stability by @usnews.” 

- Governor Bill Lee

“Last year we focused on school choice. This year we’re focusing on public schools. We’ve proposed the largest pay raise for teachers to ensure no teacher makes less than $40,000.”

- Governor Bill Lee

“1 in 3 TN students read at grade level by 3rd grade. We’ve proposed a comprehensive new approach to literacy for K-3. If we don’t address the literacy crisis, our workforce will not be developed to tackle the workforce challenges we face.”

- Governor Bill Lee

“Another key initiative this year is criminal justice reform. This year we’re making particular changes to probation and parole. We’re also reviewing the diversion strategy for drug related offense.”

- Governor Bill Lee

“The reality is that 95% of those in the prison system will reenter society. The investment in reentry is important.”

- Governor Bill Lee

“I want to create a state where your community, your neighbors and your businesses can thrive. That is my goal as a business man and as your Governor.” 

- Governor Bill Lee

“You have a great responsibility to impact what happens in the Governor’s Office. The people are the answer. Public private partnerships are how we address our greatest challenges in our nation and our state. Thank you for the role you play.”

- Governor Bill Lee


Thank you to everyone who attended and followed along with #2020GovernorsAddress. We enjoyed hearing from Governor Bill Lee on his plans for Tennessee in the coming year. Education, criminal justice reform, workforce and mobility are key initiatives for this administration.


Governor Lee became Tennessee’s 50th Governor following his inauguration on January 19, 2019. As a seventh-generation Tennessean, his roots run deep in this state. He was raised in Franklin where he still resides today with his wife Maria on his family’s farm. He’s the proud father of four adult children and five grandchildren.


Thank you also to our presenting sponsor, Frost Brown Todd. Friends of the Chamber: Bank of America, Bradley LLP, CoreCivic, and LBMC. Supporting sponsors: KraftCPAs and OsbornBarr/Paramore. Also special thanks to Novatech, Atiba and the Nashville Post.

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