Have you safely and securely disposed of your outdated IT equipment?

Microsoft launched the Windows 7 operating system in 2009, and on January 14, 2020 Microsoft officially ended all updates and support for the Windows 7 OS. What this means for your company is important security updates and bug fixes will be missed, leaving your computer system at risk for viruses and other malicious activities. One of the greatest dangers of continuing to use Windows 7 is that government entities and government regulated businesses will be out of compliance. This includes any companies processing credit card transactions PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), the financial industry (GLBA, or Financial Modernization Act), and HIPAA regulations for the healthcare industry. Federal agencies that must comply with FISMA (Federal Information Security Management Act) could also be out of compliance. Organizations that fall out of compliance could be fined or penalized in other ways.

Considering the dangers of security breaches, hacking, and non-compliance, companies should now be using the new Windows 10 operating system. You had a plan for upgrading your devices and computer systems, but do you have a plan for the responsible and safe disposal of your old systems?

Thankfully, one our Chamber members can help! Omega Recycling Solutions can help you in recycle outdated IT and electronic equipment, assuring any old, data bearing devices are disposed of safely and responsibly. Reach out to Marcus Chandler (marcus@omegaelectronicsrecycling.com), Partner and CEO, or Tasha Livingston (tasha@omegaeletronicsrecycling.com), Director of Sales & Business Development, to schedule a pickup today. You can also visit their website or call (731) 298-4683. 

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