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What does the next normal look like for Nashville’s music industry? A lot of shifts have already happened with more sure to come. Hear from industry experts on the future of the music industry at the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce’s very first music webinar, “Keep the Music Playing” on Tuesday, Sept. 22nd at 9 a.m. This webinar is in collaboration with the Chamber’s Music Industry Advisory Group. You can register for this webinar on the Chamber’s online event calendar HERE.

Learn more about who will be featured in this discussion below:


Heather McBee, VP, Operations at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center

Music-Tech Entrepreneurs Keeping Creativity Alive

Challenges in the music industry have never been as pronounced as they are now with COVID-19 accelerating the need for solutions. Those solutions lie in the passions of music-tech entrepreneurs. Heather will explore how entrepreneurs are bringing technology to the table that increases fan engagement, enables the live music experience, improves education and keeps creativity alive.


Laura Hutfless, Co-Founder of FlyteVu

Fast Growth and Quick Innovation is Ahead

COVID-19 has devastated the music and entertainment industry, specifically in Nashville, with no real end in sight. While the numbers paint a bleak picture and recovery will be slow, the opportunity for fast growth and quick innovation is ahead.


Dionne Lucas, Director of Retail Marketing and Sales at The National Museum of African American Music

One Nation Under A Groove - How the Opening of the National Museum of African American Music (NMAAM) Will Help Nashville Keep the Music Playing

Dionne will give a general overview of the museum narrative and describe what the visitor experience will be. She will also provide a sneak peek into the types of events that will take place in the museum. NMAAM is the only museum dedicated to educating the world, preserving the legacy, and celebrating the central role that African Americans have played in creating the American soundtrack.

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