Local positions available in the U.S. Army Reserve

Recent polling indicates that a record-high number of Americans are working multiple jobs with 5 percent working both a full and part-time job.

What if you could find a part-time job that offered you world-class training, opportunities to travel and even retirement income along with a steady second income? Does that sound good to you?

Let’s add the opportunity to be part of a more than 100-year-old organization that will make you proud to have served. Yes, this is the Army Reserve.

Army Reservists come from all walks of life. They’re your friends, neighbors and colleagues.

Some have already served in the Army, and they wish to continue their service. Others have served in other branches and join the Army Reserve.

Many join the Army Reserve right out of high school or while attending college. There are even those who join later in life looking for a change of pace in their routine or seeking a way to serve their nation and fellow man.

Many times, Army Reservists join to put their civilian job skills to use in the defense of our nation. Others may look for something totally opposite to do during their time in uniform.

Reservists generally drill one weekend a month and serve two weeks a year. They may spend their two weeks close to home in Middle Tennessee or at one of numerous locations stateside or around the world supporting the U.S. Army.

Besides some extra cash, Army Reservists can take advantage of a number of benefits including the use of military recreational facilities and Post Exchange and Commissary benefits. Some members even qualify for cash bonuses upon enlistment and reenlistment.

If you’re interested in exploring opportunities, click here or talk to an Army Reserve recruiter today. We’re also active on a number of social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others.

The Army Reserve might just be the part-time job you’ve been searching for.

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