Nashville Reconnect Hosts Reconnect Ambassador Training Sessions

The Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce will host a virtual TN Reconnect Ambassador Training session on February 16 and March 16, 9 – 11 a.m. To sign up for this training, please email Shohreh Daraei to reserve your spot.

Reconnect Ambassadors are people who live, work, worship, or volunteer with people who are interested in attending college, either for the first time or to complete a degree or credential they did not finish. Ambassadors provide basic information about the benefits of postsecondary education and assist them with taking the next step for returning to college or going for the first time. They serve as connectors to TN Reconnect Navigators, who then provide guidance, assistance, encouragement, and connection to important information, resources, and services.

Why are TN Reconnect Ambassadors so important?

The decision to return to college or training is a difficult one. Ambassadors are trusted friends and family members who can provide a direct connection to help. Ambassadors may not be experts in all the steps required to get to school, but they are trusted friends, co-workers, and confidantes. Ambassadors with Nashville Reconnect connect people to free tuition resources, and other wraparound services and resources, all for free!

Once I connect a friend to a TN Reconnect Navigator, what kind of help will they provide?

  • Encouragement and help from inquiry to graduation
  • Information about free tuition resources, including Reconnect Grants
  • Connect adults to supportive resources and wraparound services
  • Answer questions about choosing a career pathway, going to school and help overcoming barriers that may have kept them from beginning, or returning to, college sooner
  • Guide adults through the process of applying

Reconnect Navigators cannot do it alone. We need community members like you who can help refer potential students. You can do this by attending one of our virtual trainings and become a

reconnect ambassador. Our trainings will give you the tools to connect your friends and family to the free services to help them get to-and-through a training or degree program.

Upcoming Reconnect Ambassador Trainings
  • February 16, 9 - 11 a.m.
  • March 16, 9 - 11 a.m.

Sign up by emailing Shohreh Daraei –

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