Chamber begins search for companies offering housing assistance for their employees

The Nashville Chamber is looking for companies of any size that are taking steps around housing for their employees.

Finding housing that meets diverse households’ needs and budgets and is in proximity to employment are major challenges for our Middle Tennessee region. Pre-COVID, the lack of available and affordable housing options hindered businesses in hiring the workforce they needed and meant that workers were less likely to find needed housing in proximity to their work. The Middle Tennessee region’s economy includes a broad range of employees at different skill and wage levels, thus the need for a wide range of housing options exists and the rate of housing starts has not kept pace. With the continued growth of the region and the influx of residents moving to the area, housing remains difficult to find, especially at an affordable level.

We are looking for companies who have taken specific action, no matter how small, in aiding employees struggling to find or keep housing affordable to them. Please take a moment to fill out the form. Victoria Payne, VP of Metro Policy, will reach out to hear more about your story, successes, and struggles.

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