Member Spotlight - White Oaks Home Inspection

Q: Who is White Oaks Home Inspection and what should we know about you?

White Oaks Home Inspection is a female-run veteran business, which gives a different eye on home inspections. Christine makes sure to walk you through the process of why a home needs an inspection, and what to keep an eye on. She knows how to make the customers feel at ease when an inspection comes up and makes sure you understand the workings of your home and how safe it is. Christine also has ways to do inspections that other inspectors may not have quite yet, such as a drone and FAA licensing. She also has robots to do other checks in and around the house or property. Christine is about safety, and if she doesn’t believe it is safe for her, she will make sure it WILL be safe for you.

Q: What's the best thing about doing business in Middle Tennessee?

Doing business in Middle Tennessee has been rewarding and fun. We enjoy working with people from all walks of life who are just looking for their next dream and hope we can give them a good platform they can grow from.

Q: How do you stay involved in the community?

I volunteer my time in many ways. Whether through using my time to help clean up trash on the highway, taking food to the food bank, donating new coats through Coats for Kids in my area, or helping with honoring a Fallen Soldier through the Patriot Guard, I do what I can for the community.

Q: What has been the most valuable aspect of your Chamber membership?

Meeting new people who understand that to help business thrive, you need others to learn from.

Q: What's your biggest goal for your company in the next year?

The goals for White Oaks Home Inspection is to provide great customer service and to keep that goal into the coming years.

Q: What best business practices have you learned from 2020 and what did you do to be creative or pivot to remain in business?

Our business are practices are to stay grounded with the normal small business items, which is all about patience. 2020 and 2021 have been all about this, especially when people have been sick and emotions have run high. Learning to be patient through the tough times, with people who may be going through a tougher time. Learning to be patient with other businesses still trying to figure out where we are in a work concerning Covid. And learning to be patient with myself when things do not go the way I have planned. This last year has been quite a year to learn this bit of wisdom.

Learn more about White Oaks Home Inspection on their website here.

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