Member Spotlight: Best Buy Business

What's the best thing about doing business in Middle Tennessee?
I think what excites me the most about Middle Tennessee is the unlimited potential in the area. New businesses continue to move here from every corner of the globe, and with these new businesses opening, they create so many opportunities for all businesses to thrive.

I have lived in Nashville for just over 8 years now and the amount of growth and change to not just the skyline, but also the surrounding areas, has been exciting to see. There is always someone new to meet, a hand to shake, and a friendship to build — that is truly the best thing!

What has been the most valuable aspect of your Chamber membership?
For me, it has to be the unbelievably super engaging staff of the NACC. Each person I have had the pleasure of working with, from the front door receptionists to the President, has been very focused on helping Best Buy drive awareness around our business division. The environment they have created is one of true collaboration and focus to the overall growth of our business. They always find a way to say “yes” and direct me to the right person for the solution. Your passion quickly becomes their passion, and it becomes everyone’s mission to succeed!

Who is Best Buy Business and what should we know about you?
Best Buy Business is comprised of expert teams that specialize in areas like healthcare, education, hospitality, builder, promotions, and even regular operational needs—making purchasing easy for any market! We are dedicated to the success of our customers through every step of the process. With our expertise and nationwide services, we can make you feel confident about your technology purchases, no matter the size of your organization.

As for me, I really want people to know that my goal is to be the best resource possible for any business. I see every interaction as an opportunity to build towards a greater relationship, ensuring each client’s happiness with his or her experience now and in the future.

What is unique about your business that makes you stand out?
One of the things that makes us stand out is the diversity of clients we help find solutions for. One day I could be helping a small local company and the next I could be finding a solution for a large corporation. We have a very diverse workforce that we can deploy to meet the business where they need to be. Whether you’re a business who needs a single laptop and TV, or you’re a school looking to integrate eSports into their curriculum, I have a specialized team and amazing partners who are always happy to walk everything through the process. No matter the need and size, we have a way to make your dreams become a reality and we make it fun and easy!

What’s your best piece of advice for other business owners?
One of the things I always tell businesses is to do your research early. Doing your research and asking for help ensures that you are getting the right equipment for your business the first time. I have had so many great conversations with businesses about the difference between commercial and consumer grade electronics and the long-term effects of getting the wrong product for their businesses. It is kind of like insurance; you never really think about it until you need to think about it. The more knowledge the better when you’re making tech decisions for your business, and it can go a long way in the future.

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