Member Spotlight: Jefferson Street Sound Museum

What is the Jefferson Street Sound Museum and what should we know about you?

Jefferson Street Sound Museum is preserving the musical legacies of Historic Jefferson Street from the 1940's - 1970's. Our growing museum tribute to the historic nighttime clubbing and entertainment that took place back in the day on Jefferson Street is fast becoming a tourist attraction and is visited weekly by famous musicians, entertainers, and media professionals to pay tribute to those whose music has helped shape the music of tomorrow.

The Purpose of JSSM is to connect to local tours, media outlets, local colleges/universities, and organizations to bring awareness to the level of impact of African Americans on the music and entertainment culture of Nashville, as well as create experiences that appeal to the diversity and multiplicity of entertainment for locals and tourist visiting Nashville. The Mission of JSSM is to preserve and honor history and bring awareness to the music and entertainment legacy of Jefferson Street while bridging that legacy with education, grassroots programming, and cultural interest through exhibits.

What is unique about your business that makes you stand out?

We are conserving the legacies of artists that performed live on Historic Jefferson Street, "the Original Music Row," including Jimi Hendrix, Etta James, Frank Howard, Billy Cox, Lucious Talley, Jackie Shane, Herbert Hunter, Bobby Hebb, Marion James, Johnny Jones, Jimmy Chuch, Clifford Curry and many others.

Our facilities are also unique. Located on historic Jefferson Street itself, the JSSM facilities consist of a music production studio, rehearsal hall, and museum that are unique and versatile spaces with an intimate creative atmosphere. Our full service music production studio and band rehearsal staging hall are perfect for major recording projects, band practicing and/or mini showcases.

What’s your best piece of advice for other business owners?

Remain steadfast to your MISSION and VISION. Allow yourself to think outside the box and to stretch your mind for the benefit of your business.

What's your biggest goal for your company this year?

We would like to spread awareness and increase our visitor footprints.

How do you stay involved in the community?

We stay involved in the community by hosting various events and tours throughout the year for all ages and groups. For example, guest artists visiting the museum often conduct masterclasses. We give artists an opportunity to share their craft by hosting and sponsoring "Tiny Museum Concerts," featuring A-list musicians! Roy Wooten, a 5x Grammy winner, is performing four concerts on 11/11, 11/18,11/25 and 12/02/2022. Please visit our website for more information.

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