RECAP: December 2022 Talent Solutions Forum

Stakeholders from across the region joined The Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce at its quarterly Talent Solutions Forum, which seeks to inform and inspire employer action in talent pipeline solutions. With Nashville’s low unemployment rate and surplus of unfilled positions, employers seek innovative solutions that will enhance their ability to not only attract new talent but retain their current expertise.

The forum’s panelists, respected industry experts in the Nashville region, focused their discussion on the apprenticeship ecosystem in Tennessee, a work-based learning model which has been employed for decades. This ecosystem not only captures the types of apprenticeships that exist in the Nashville region, which spans from trade careers to highly coveted tech positions, but the various stakeholders involved in the creation and facilitation of the pipeline.

The audience left the forum aware of the benefits of the apprenticeship model, not only in relation to employers but to apprentices in the pipeline, including the return on investment, talent retention, and upward economic mobility in a region that has experience tremendous growth.

Thank you to our panelists:

Elise Cambournac, President and CEO, Greater Nashville Technology Council

Jessica L. Barnett, East Tennessee Regional Apprenticeship Director, TN Department of Labor and Workforce Development

Dana Morrow, Employee Development, STANSELL Electric Company, Inc.

Lauren Brooks-Gregory, Training Manager, STANSELL Electric Company, Inc.

Rob Tudor, Director IT Partnerships, Nashville State Community College

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