Member Spotlight for Small Business Week: Faith Family Medical Center

April 30th kicks off Small Business Week, and what better way to celebrate the value small businesses bring than to highlight our Nashville Chamber members! Throughout the week, we'll feature small businesses that are strengthening the region's business network and also giving back to their communities.

Today's spotlight features Faith Family Medical Center, a clinic that provides comprehensive primary healthcare services to the Middle Tennessee community.

1. What is your business’s mission?

Faith Family Medical Center’s mission statement is “Driven by faith, we provide Hope and Healing to our hardworking neighbors in need.” We accomplish this by providing high-quality, affordable primary healthcare to our uninsured neighbors, small businesses, independent businesses, and nonprofits of our greater Nashville community who may otherwise be unable to afford healthcare for themselves or offer health insurance to their employees.

2. For people who haven't visited your business yet, what should they know about Faith Family Medical Center?

At FFMC we promote a culture of caring health professionals whose ultimate goal and focus is serving our uninsured workforce with the highest quality of affordable primary healthcare possible. Along with our highly trained and skilled primary care providers, we have a full-time experienced Behavioral Health Nurse Practitioner on staff. Our popular Journey to Wellness Program was built out of the belief that knowledge is power and partnering with our patients to learn healthy behaviors leads to a better quality of life. All appointments, classes, and events through Journey to Wellness are free to our FFMC patients and their immediate family.

3. What is your favorite part about being a small business owner in the Nashville region?

We are thrilled to provide a much-needed healthcare service through our HealthPass program, a service designed for business owners to be able to compete with larger companies by providing affordable healthcare for their employees.

4. What can you tell us about the small business community here?

They are composed of a very hard-working, resilient, and eclectic group of entrepreneurs. We believe they make up the very heart and soul of our communities and neighborhoods.

5. How can your fellow Chamber members and other Middle Tennesseans best support local small businesses like yours?

It all starts with education and awareness. Understanding the struggles small businesses face in competing with larger concerns by providing them with support services at affordable rates, i.e., legal advice, accounting help, healthcare options for their employees, etc. To learn how HealthPass can benefit your small business and employees, email or call (615) 649-3039.

Thank you to AJ Miller, Managing Director of HealthPass, for taking part in this profile. Visit the FFMC at their Midtown location, call (615) 341-0808, or visit their website at

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