Q: Who is Uppercut Box and what should we know about you?

We are a 10-year-old Nashville based packaging manufacturer which means we produce boxes made of paperboard for any type of product that typically goes on a retail shelf. We do not produce corrugated boxes like what Amazon or UPS utilize. Our clients range in size from small entrepreneurs, like those pitching their products on Shark Tank, who need packaging to make their product pop on the retail shelf to global auto part manufacturers who need boxes for their product that will stand out on shelves at their end destination.

Q: What is unique about your business that makes you stand out?

The paperboard manufacturing industry is unique from corrugated in that it is a craft industry and requires skilled labor to produce. Each item we produce is custom, so no two clients have the same box needs which means the setup for each run is custom and requires skill. We want our customers to say, “That was so easy,” after they buy from us. Our differentiators include our e-commerce platform, the high quality of our products, our attention to every single detail, order size flexibility, and our incredible customer support. We tailor our services to fit our customers’ business needs from do-it-yourself to complete full service.

Q: What’s your biggest goal for your company this year?

We were fortunate to be designated an essential business in 2020 which enabled us to continue to provide a needed service for our partners. We were able to grow significantly due to increased volume and we are continuing to grow. In Q2 2021, we will launch an innovative ecommerce platform incorporating one-of-a-kind features for packaging design in addition to moving into a larger facility in April.

Q: What best business practices have you learned from 2020 and what did you do to be creative to remain in business?

The packaging industry itself is very antiquated and has not made any significant changes to the production process. With the onset of Covid, we saw a huge surge in business because there is a direct link between ecommerce sales and the packaging industry. We wanted to not only capitalize on this opportunity but position ourselves, post-Covid, as an innovative company that will lead the industry going forward. With that goal in mind and our continued focus on customer needs, we re-configured our website and invested significant resources into software that will enable our clients, if desired, to design and pay for their packaging product all online. In addition to our free design tools, clients can also see a 3D rendering of their packaging before it is even built. This is a common desire for most customers and what will set us apart in the industry. There is no other company doing what we provide on our website.

Learn more about Uppercut Box at uppercutebox.com.