Global Business Snapshot

The Nashville economic market is one of America’s most dynamic centers for business growth, with expanding global links and opportunities. With international businesses and headquarters spanning all business sectors, including corporate services, health care, advanced manufacturing, supply chain, music and entertainment, it is easy to see the diversity present in every aspect of Music City. No city of similar size offers as great a setting and potential for international trade and investment.

Increasing foreign direct investment and exports keeps the Nashville region on the leading edge of international business. Pro-business policy, cost advantages and location make Nashville a frontrunner in global trade.

Transportation links the U.S. and the world to Nashville. Unique advantages include three major interstate highways, a rail system connecting 20 states and a port connecting to the Mississippi River.

Trade opportunities continue to expand, as Tennessee continues to experience strong growth in exports. Pro-business policy, trade expertise and location advantage make Nashville a front-runner in global trade.

The pursuit of foreign direct investment (FDI) continues to be a priority for the Nashville region. In 2015, more than 26.5% of the new jobs announced in the region were attributed to foreign investors. At current count, 277 foreign-owned companies are invested in this region representing 28 countries and employing nearly 50,000 middle Tennessee residents. 

For more information see the Nashville Chamber International Brochure or the State of Tennessee international business website.

“I’ve lived in and done business around the world and can say that Nashville tops my list. With a great quality of life, central location and welcoming culture, Nashville is an exceptional place for global companies to locate and grow their business.”

Jim Shepherd President, Carlex Glass International Business Council Chairman

Nashville Global Business Snapshot

  • 277 foreign-owned company locations (2014)
  • Foreign-owned companies employ more than 48,000 people in the area. (2014)
  • Foreign direct investment (FDI) activities create and sustain 83,000 jobs within the Nashville area. (2013)
  • FDI supports nearly $5.9 billion of labor income in the Nashville area annually. (2013)
  • FDI contributes $10.2 billion to the local economy, for a total output of $25.5 billion within the Nashville MSA. (2013)
  • Tennessee is the 14th ranked state for exports. (2014)
  • Tennessee exports totaled $33.0 billion. (2014)
  • Nashville MSA exports totaled $9.6 billion. (2014)

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