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Whether you’re an adult returning to school to finish your degree, or starting for the first time, we’re here to help.

You + Reconnect

Going back to college as an adult can be daunting, but it’s a very worthwhile experience. There are many talented and accomplished individuals who never went to college or, for a number of reasons, were not able to complete their degree. For many, earning that degree can make a significant difference in their professional and personal life (the achievement of a lifelong dream) – but the idea of returning to school after a long absence can be intimidating.

The first step is probably the hardest, but it is possible. That’s why we’re here. Your Tennessee Reconnect Community will be there for you every step of the way until you graduate and fulfill your goals of a college degree or credential. We are committed to helping you find flexible options that fit your needs and supporting you through to completion.

We believe in appreciative advising. That means we create a positive, safe and welcoming space and ask open-ended questions that help you:

  • Discover your strengths, skills and abilities.
  • Dream for your future and turn your hopes into reality.
  • Design a plan for your education that fits your busy schedule and is flexible to meet your needs.
  • Deliver on the plan you created and encourage and support you along the way.
  • Don’t settle by setting your own set of expectations for your success.

Many adults report feeling like they may be too old to go back to school. But 1 out of 4 undergraduate college students at our Tennessee public institutions are adult learners! You are not alone; we will make sure you connect with a support system of peer adult learners along the way.

What is Tennessee Reconnect?

Tennessee Reconnect is our state’s initiative to help more of our adults enter higher education to gain new skills, advance in the workplace and fulfill lifelong dreams of completing a degree or credential.

We believe that in order to achieve this mission, we need to meet adults where they are. So whether you are currently a working adult, out of work, a parent or a veteran, we are committed to helping you find a path that works best for you. As an adult, it is hard to make the decision to return to school! Especially, when you have other priorities competing for your time. So we offer FREE advising services to make this journey easier for you.

How do we do that? We foster partnerships with local schools, community organizations and resources to find your best fit in returning to complete your degree. We also offer assistance exploring your career options, counseling on defaulted student loans and advising on financial aid and scholarship resources. Whatever your circumstance, we are committed to finding you a path that works best for you.

We are Your Tennessee Reconnect Community.

  • Our comprehensive services and expert advisors are available to you for no cost or fee.
  • Here to help you get to and through your postsecondary journey.
  • Your one-stop starting point to get you to your end goal.
  • The personalized attention and support that fits your life and needs so you can finish your college degree or credential.
  • A knowledgeable resource to help you find the best institution and program to match your life and interests.

Our Services:

  • Advising on financial aid and how to pay for college.
  • Counseling on choosing the best program and school.
  • Being your single point-of-contact and coordinating with schools.
  • Connecting your degree to your  career path.
  • Workshops on study skills, goal setting, technology and more.

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