Graham Healthcare Capital

Headquartered in Nashville, TN, Graham Healthcare Capital (GHCC) provides permanent capital solutions to healthcare service and technology companies that have between $5-$75M in annual revenue and up to $10M in profit. GHCC has a differentiated approach that lies between a private equity buyout firm and a corporate strategic buyer. GHCC retains, backs, and aligns existing leadership and core principals, providing a supportive platform focused on long-term, sustainable growth. GHCC leaders offer backgrounds and expertise in operations, value creation and finance. They’ve built companies from the ground up and understand the importance of emphasizing culture, integrity, employee retention, and strategic investment over building companies solely to maximize profitability in the short term. Since GHCC holds companies indefinitely, our investment strategies are long-term in nature and focus on preserving the company legacy.

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Graham Healthcare Capital
Michele Oglesby
4017 Hillsboro Pike, Suite 418
Nashville, TN 37215


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