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Restaurant / Food and Beverage Management Apprentice

Want to move up in the restaurant and food & beverage field? Want to become a credentialed Restaurant Manager or Food & Beverage Manager? If so, the Restaurant / Food & Beverage Management Apprenticeship may be for you.

Nashville State Community College has partnered with several facilities within the hospitality industry in the Nashville and Middle Tennessee area to launch the Restaurant / Food & Beverage Apprenticeship Program for students interested in moving up in the foodservice industry. This program is also registered with the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training.

NRA Certified Restaurant Management Apprenticeship

The NRA Certified Restaurant Manager Apprenticeship program is a 4000-hour on-the-job learning apprenticeship that is combined with the A.A.S. Degree in Hospitality Management with a Concentration in Restaurant Food & Beverage Management.

This program can be completed in 24 months or less, depending on your past work experience. The Certified Restaurant Manager certification will be available for you to apply for during the summer semester of the second year of the program.

Potential career opportunities: Restaurant Manager or Assistant Manager, Hotel Food & Beverage Manager, among others.

NRA Certified Restaurant Supervisor Apprenticeship

The ACF Certified Culinarian Apprenticeship program is a 2000-hour on-the-job learning apprenticeship that is combined with the Food & Beverage Management Technical Certificate program.

This program can be completed in 12 months or less, depending on your past work experience. The Certified Restaurant Supervisor credential will be available upon completion of the program.

Potential career opportunities: leadership roles in restaurants, restaurant supervisor, front-of-the-house supervisor, among others.

NRA Certified Restaurant Professional Pre-Apprenticeship

The ACF Certified Restaurant Professional Pre-Apprenticeship program is a 1000-hour on-the-job learning pre-apprenticeship that is combined with the Restaurant Service 16-semester credit hour technical certificate in Restaurant Service.

This program can be completed in as little as 1 semester, or 4-6 months.

Potential career opportunities: server, host/hostess, dining room attendant, etc.

Position Requirements

The qualifications for being selected as an apprentice include the following:

  1. High school graduate or possess a GED/HiSET
  2. Preferred applicants have ACT scores or placement test scores to bypass the need for learning support in English and math
  3. Genuine and proven interest in a career in the restaurant / food & beverage industry
  4. Work experience in the restaurant industry preferred
  5. Completion of the application and interview process and selection as an apprentice by a sponsoring site

Application Instructions

All of the following must be completed by the applicant no later than May 21, 2021, to be considered for one of the Fall 2021 restaurant / food & beverage apprentice positions:

  1. College Admission Application: Complete the online Nashville State Community College Admissions Application.
  2. Read: NSCC Application Agreement and Disclaimer
  3. Submit the following to (please include your name in the subject line of the email):
    1. Culinary Apprenticeship Application (download the PDF form, open in the PDF viewer of your choice and you will be able to type your information into the boxes). Our Restaurant Apprenticeship Application is still in the works, so complete the culinary application and indicate that you are applying for the restaurant apprenticeship.
    2. Essay: Submit a 250-word essay describing your career goals in your chosen field.
    3. Resume: Submit your up-to-date resume.
  4. Letter of Recommendation: Please have one former employer or educator submit a letter of recommendation for you directly to Please have your reference include your name in the subject line of the email.
  5. FAFSA: Complete the FAFSA to determine availability of financial aid for admission.
  6. Transcripts: Request that your transcripts from your high school and any college you may have attended be sent to Nashville State at this address: NSCC Office of Admissions, 120 White Bridge Road Nashville, TN 37209.
  7. Interviews: Once applications are screened by the Apprenticeship Admissions Committee, interviews with selected applicants will be conducted with representatives from the college and from the apprenticeship sites.

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