State of Tennessee

Nashville, Tennessee (Davidson County)


Position Description / Responsibilities

Under general supervision, is responsible for supervisory custodial work of average difficulty in supervising a moderate-sized custodial staff either as subordinate to a custodial worker supervisor of higher level in a very large custodial services organization or as chief custodian in an organization with fewer members of total custodial staff; and performs related work as required.

Position Requirements

Education and Experience: Experience equivalent to two years of increasingly responsible full-time custodial work, including at least one year in a lead capacity.

Necessary Special Qualifications: Positions within the Division of Rehabilitation Services of the Department of Human Services will be required to:

1. Complete a criminal history disclosure form in a manner approved by the appointing authority;

2. Agree to release all records involving their criminal history to the appointing authority;

3. Supply a fingerprint sample prescribed by the TBI based criminal history records check;

4. Submit to a review of their status on the Department of Health’s vulnerable persons registry.

Application Instructions

For more information and to apply, go to: (50149)

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