Executive Assistant/ Office Manager

GSE Consulting Engineers


Architecture & Engineering

Position Description / Responsibilities

GSE has been a very successful engineering firm for over 20 yrs that expanded to its third office in Nashville in 2016, and business has been booming ever since. GSE (Nashville office) is now in need of an Executive Assistant or Office Manager who'd be an all-over rover, with hands in sales, marketing, booking, billing, and assisting the Vice President in Nashville directly.

Work experience is preferred, but it's okay if you do not have experience leading an office. The leadership at GSE greatly values a person's overall energy, vibe, and willingness to get things done. The creation of a positive work culture and experience is extremely important, and it's why the GSE Nashville team has been steadily growing. The people make all the difference, and we are looking to add another great member to the team.

Position Requirements

Bachelors Degree or higher preferred

Work experience preferred but not required

Application Instructions

You may submit a resume to:


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