Executive Director

Poverty and the Arts


Position Description / Responsibilities

Poverty and the Arts (POVA) seeks experienced art educators to assist in the development and implementation of an educational curriculum for adults impacted by homelessness. This curriculum will encompass fundamental art principles and professional practices to promote opportunities for advancement into art-related careers. The developed learning opportunities will be available to program participants through a variety of learning methods with an emphasis on accessibility and individualization. This is a volunteer position.

In conjunction with POVA’s Programming and Evaluation Committee, the Art Education Committee members will meet every other month for an hour with some minimal work in between meetings. Meetings will take place virtually during COVID-19. Committee members will, ideally, commit to serving through June 2021.

POVA’s Art Education Committee exists to :

  1. Develop curriculum (original content creation or curation from existing sources)
  2. Advise staff on best practices in education implementation
  3. Develop assessments that measure set learning objectives
  4. Align assessment measures with standards deemed by the Committee to indicate mastery of objectives
  5. Attend bi-monthly meetings to discuss the collaborative effort of this project to ensure project cohesion
  6. Ensure the maintenance and dissemination of best practices in adult education implementation for a variety of abilities and learning preferences

Position Requirements

Desired Skills, Interests or Education:

Application Instructions

To apply for POVA’s Art Education Committee, please email your resumé and a brief letter of interest to creative@povertyandthearts.org.

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