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Position Description / Responsibilities


TNPC seeks a dynamic leader to become our next Executive Director. The Executive Director will report to the Board of Directors and is responsible for the successful leadership, management, and administration of the organization in accordance with the vision and mission set by the Board of Directors. The Executive Director oversees the overall strategic and operational responsibilities of the TNPC staff, programs, and advocacy. The Executive Director will serve as the lead passionate representative of TNPC and its mission.

In addition, the Executive Director is responsible for the following core mission to advocate, educate & connect with these functions:

Strategic Leadership. In conjunction with the Board, responsible for the development and implementation of a strategic plan that fulfills TNPC’s mission. Leading and managing staff to create programing, create policy and build a statewide community that supports LGBTQ+ small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Optimizing Key Business & Community Leadership. Provide strategic leadership that attracts new and retains existing LGBTQ+ business leaders statewide involvement in the work of the TNPC. Must strengthen and effectively articulate the ‘value proposition” TNPC offers its members.

Membership Relations. Identify common needs among Tennessee LGBTQ+ small business owners and arranging educational opportunities to support them. Organizing regular social events that offer TNPC members a platform to network and share their information and ideas. Creating and implementing a membership recruitment and retention plan with staff.

Board Relationship. Maximize and leverage strong board relationships. Provide the leadership necessary to compel their full participation. Maintain regular contact with the President and the other principal officers and work with Board members leading committee and event activity.

Develop and Enhance Government and Community Partnerships. Cultivate good relations with city, county, state and federal governments and their elected officials and staff on behalf of the board and membership. Identify and developing policy positions, that drive awareness on issues impacting LGBTQ+ businesses within the Nashville metro area

Advocacy. Lead TNPC’s political and advocacy activities, including regular attendance at Legislative Policy Committee meetings. Develop effective, strategic relationships with top political and elected officials on the local, regional, and state levels to advance key TNPC initiatives and outcomes Involving TNPC, its board and its membership in, and to the extent needed, lead, advocacy campaigns that impact the business community or important TNPC and LGBTQ+ business priorities. Work with key advocacy partners, similar and/or allied organizations and manage hired legislative consultants. Be seen as a top advocate for the LGBTQ+ business community throughout the region and state.

Administration. Enhance this effective and efficient organization as measured by revenue, membership

growth and quality programs. Ensure that all the entities of the organization work together toward the overall goals of TNPC. Prepare and submit a budget that reflects the strategic goals of TNPC. Work to ensure the economic strength and viability of TNPC. Build a strong staff and give them strategic direction. Oversee building operations and administration, including lease arrangements and tenant relations. Oversee administration of human resources-related items including the administration of performance appraisals, changes to employee benefits, and other such internal staff-related functions.

Spokesperson. In consultation with the board, serve as one of the spokespeople for TNPC in relevant venues, pro-actively and reactively, with a goal to enhance the Chamber's overall image. The EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR will not be the only and exclusive spokesperson for the organization. The EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR should look for opportunities for Board Members and TNPC members to speak and represent the organization. Ensure appropriate TNPC representation at various conferences, conventions and with business groups as a panelist or principal speaker.

In some ways, the TNPC Executive Director is seen as “the face” of the LGBTQ+ business community throughout the state of Tennessee.

Professional Associations. Cultivating good relations with local, state, and national LGBTQ+ non-profit/organizations on behalf of the board and the membership.

Education Programming. Work with staff to develop and implement effective education program that aligns with our memberships’ goals and furthers the goals of the organization.

External Relationships/Marketing. Ensure the TNPC is represented at appropriate civic, cultural, charitable, business and community activities that impact TNPC’s agenda. Build, manage and maintain an effective communications and marketing platform that supports TNPC’s mission and supports the membership. Manage staff and contractors to achieve marketing goals.

Fundraising/Development. Establish and grow ongoing fundraising efforts for TNPC to help meet the needs of membership and foundation.

TNPC Foundation. Oversees the work and efforts of the TNPC Foundation.

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Application Instructions

For more information, please contact:

Susie Smart Frank Parsons

Director of Research Managing Director

Parsons Consulting Parsons Consulting

smart02@tampabay.rr.com frank@parsons2consulting.com

Phone: 813-866-9615

Applicant screening begins immediately and continues until the position is filled.

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